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David Abraham Urges Walls Between TV & Advertising To Fall As Wonderhood Studios Scores First Commission

March 11, 2019 / Peter White

Wonderhood Studios, the production company-meets-advertising agency set up by former C4 and TLC boss David Abraham, has scored its first commission and is working with Netflix on an advertising campaign. Abraham, who set up the company last year, said that the “walls” between advertising and original content “need to come down” to fix “stretched storytelling” and the problem of “too much content. Speaking at INTV, he said, “Over the last few years there’s been too much content created and too much of it is not really content that will attract the audience, but the challenge for brands is not just to create videos but create ideas that can draw the audience, our challenge is to come together to see if this cross-disciplinary approach to get to better ideas, it’s all about the ideas.