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Facebook data deals reportedly face criminal investigation: Thursday Wake-Up Call

March 14, 2019 / Angela Doland

Hungary's government has been encouraging couples to make more babies, and it put up some billboards featuring a lovey-dovey couple to get the point across. But whoever designed the ad picked the wrong stock art, as Orla McCaffrey writes in Ad Age. The man and woman in the ad are famous for modeling in the ubiquitous "distracted boyfriend" meme; he played the guy ogling a random woman, and she played his disgruntled girlfriend. They're basically the poster children for bad relationships -- which made it hilarious to see them in an ad touting family values. Oops. Remember back in June, when reports said Facebook had cut data-sharing deals with phone- and device-makers, giving partners access to a lot of users' personal data? Now federal prosecutors are conducting a criminal investigation into such deals