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A Million Ads brings its personalization tech to podcasting

April 11, 2019 / Livia Dixon

Whether you’re commuting or exercising, having downtime from the screen or in the kitchen cooking, podcasts are proving to be a popular way to consume media, especially for young adults. Podcasts have boomed in the UK market over recent years. Compared to 3.2 million weekly podcast listeners in 2013, there are now 5.9m weekly podcast listeners in the UK, and half of these are under-35 Ofcom, 2018. Over 3.6 hours of podcasts a week are consumed by this audience. In the US, podcasting is more established with a whopping 73 million monthly podcast listeners, of which 62% are aged between 12-54. These listeners consume an average of seven podcasts each week Emarketer, 2018.