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Why Facebook Is Still the Strongest Social Media Platform When It Comes to Advertising

April 12, 2019 / Steve Weiss

Facebook is dead. The content sucks. The media beatdown never stops. And yet we’re seeing up close how brands are allocating more of their digital dollars to Facebook advertising year-over-year. Conspiratory truther talk? Fake news? Hardly. Brands cannot deny two simple truths: 1) They’re always testing everything because they have to, and 2) after considerable testing and budget shifts, brands more often than not come back to Facebook fueled by a fierce desire to scale. Facebook advertising - when contextually relevant - to 2.32 billion folks still works.
The question of allocating advertising dollars to social media is no longer a matter of if but where and how much. This is more important than ever before given 68% of American adults report that they are Facebook users and about three-quarters of those users access Facebook on a daily basis. Facebook continues to evolve the ways a brand can engage with consumers, for example through advances in their video offerin...