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AdCellerant Launches New Streaming TV Digital Advertising Product

October 08, 2020 / PR Newswire

AdCellerant, a leader in the technology and digital advertising space, has launched its new Streaming TV digital advertising product, which allows advertisers to reach users on all of their screens as they view live or on-demand programming through any connected device. Streaming TV provides advertisers an opportunity to incorporate TV as part of their digital marketing strategy in a targeted and cost-effective way. AdCellerant's new offering, Streaming TV, simplifies the complexity of buying connected TV, over-the-top, and full episode player. Simply put, Streaming TV shows an ad to a target audience depending on the size of the screen that they are watching live or streaming content.  Streaming TV can target an audience based on interests, behaviors, and intent of potential customers, as well as hundreds of demographic data points. "The world of Streaming TV advertising can be a labyrinth of options, abbreviations, and definitions that make it difficult to navigate for ...