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Adlucent's Lift Mentality Technology Measures Advertising ROI

September 21, 2020 / PR Newswire

Effectively measuring return on investment is a prime concern of every marketer, but getting a precise answer is elusive. In response, Adlucent, the Austin-based performance digital agency, has developed Lift Mentality, an incrementality-testing technology that helps advertisers understand the impact of specific marketing channels on their bottom line. Lift Mentality enables marketers across the e -commerce marketplace to answer their most pressing question, "How effective is my advertising?" to better understand channel effectiveness, allocate ad spend more efficiently and drive better performance. The new solution  delivers insights into campaign effectiveness in about one-third the time of typical publisher tools. Highly flexible, Lift Mentality uses the advertiser's own first-party data to design and analyze the test. There is no need for the client to provide and calculate specific data points, as is the case with other, more static models. The result is faster ...