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Dating apps debate the impact of Facebook’s move into their turf

May 07, 2018 / Kerry Flynn

After Facebook announced its entry into the dating industry, some existing dating apps welcomed the tech giant — at least officially. Bumble said it was “thrilled” and could “explore ways to collaborate.” Joey Levin, chief executive at Match Group’s parent company IAC, said, “The water’s warm.” Turns out, it may be a little too warm. Facebook’s entry into any space — just ask Snapchat — can spell doom for those already in the industry. With 2.2 billion people using Facebook’s main service every month, introducing a dating component stirs the question of how smaller apps, and even Tinder with its 50 million users, can survive. The move also introduces other issues, given that many dating apps have relied on Facebook for their marketing strategies.Match’s stock dropped nearly 10 percent in the wake of Facebook’s news. Dating apps’ relationship with Facebook: complicated. For dating apps with a...