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DoubleVerify launches a new way to measure online ad effectiveness

January 08, 2020 / Anthony Ha

Until now, DoubleVerify was known for helping advertisers to eliminate fraud and ensure their ads are running in brand-safe environments. This week, at the Consumer Electronics show, it’s launching a new technology designed to measure whether those ads are actually effective. Chief Marketing Officer Dan Slivjanovski told me that before this, marketers had to rely on “fast and simple tools” that are “proxies” for ad effectiveness things like clickthrough rate or viewable time or they had to wait until after the campaign to see whether it really worked. So CEO Wayne Gattinella (pictured above) said the DoubleVerify  team has spent the past two years looking at data that it was already collecting to find “metrics that best determine the predictors of how well the ad’s actually going to perform.” He added, “In most cases, the raw material was there, there was just not the business case to really invest in it.”