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Escalated.io Launches Anti-Malvertising Service to Block Malicious Ads immediately

July 27, 2020 / PR Newswire

Escalated.io (https://escalated.io/anti-malvertising.html) recently announced the launch of its latest subscription-based software solution intended to stop malicious online ads (malvertising). Malvertising is an insidious practice that delivers damaging digital payloads to end users, and has long been a problem for any company that touches advertising such as publishers, DSPs, SSPs, networks, and exchanges. Malvertising can result in reputation damage, rob companies of revenue-generating opportunities, sever the user experience, and taints the overall client-company relationship. The new anti-malvertising solution from Escalated is available now, and comes with a no obligation, seven-day free trial. "Malvertising is an absolutely massive problem felt by every player in ad tech at this point," said Kyle Smith, Escalated CEO. "It's extremely damaging to companies, and is notoriously difficult to detect and fight. These attacks are usually targeted by geo, device,...