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Facebook and Newsworks clash over solutions to advertising bombardment

May 10, 2019 / Simon Gwynn

Newsworks executive chair Tracy De Groose hit back at the idea that providing consumers with more information on how ads are targeted to them will have any meaningful impact on consumer trust in advertising during a feisty panel discussion at Media 360 in Brighton today. De Groose was responding to comments from Facebook’s director of agencies, Nick Baughan, that "education is key" in turning around the historically low levels of trust and favor ability faced by the industry. Baughan recalled conversations with taxi drivers from earlier in his career while at MEC. He said: "Nine times out of 10, the conversation would include the phrase ‘dark arts’ – but in those days there was a complicity, there was an allure, and an agreement that the consumer and advertiser were in it together. For advertising, that’s trust.