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Facebook enables disinformation with advertising policy

January 13, 2020 / Joe Spear CNHI Columnist

The tech giant recently announced it would not ban false political advertising, or disallow ad targeting that could fuel discrimination or racism and generally create even bigger divides in the American electorate. Facebook is shirking it social responsibility as a company with great power to influence the next election and American democracy. Google has agreed to prohibit ads making false claims and so called “deep-fake” videos that mislead through doctoring images or using a real image attached to a completely different story. The company will also prohibit “demonstrably false” political claims that could influence voter trust in an election. The company will also limit targeting of ads to broad categories like state, gender or zip code. It won’t allow advertisers to target, for example, people who voted a certain way. Twitter has completely banned all political advertising. Hurrah for them. We continue to believe 90 percent of political advertising on s...