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Facebook has made a small fortune selling ads to anti-LGBTQ hate groups

September 29, 2019 / Daniel Villarreal

The anti-corruption news site Sludge claims that Facebook has made nearly $1.6 million in selling ad to hate groups who call LGBTQ people “evil” and undocumented immigrants an “invasion. This has occurred even though Facebook’s official policies forbid hate speech on their platform. While anti-immigrant groups made up 59% of the reported ad sales ($958,988), anti-LGBTQ groups spent the second greatest amount on ads 33.8% ($541,977) followed by anti-Muslim groups. The two largest anti-LGBTQ advertisers are Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) who bought $392,000 in ads, and the Family Research Council (FRC) who bought $107,000, including $6,850 in ads bought from its president Tony Perkins’ page.