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Facebook to Remove Its Restrictions on Ads Which Include More than 20% Text in the Main Image

September 24, 2020 / Susan Wenograd

The long-standing rule had been shifted to less stringent over the years, with this week marking their complete abandonment of the 20% text rule. Media buyers in Facebook’s platform began to notice recently a big change: their images were no longer being disapproved for a lot of text. When the Change Was Noticed. It’s been confirmed via a few sources the long-standing rule for Facebook Ad images being no more than 20% text has been sunset. Buyers started receiving direct communication from Facebook this week regarding this change: Prior to this communication, media buyers were noticing the text overlay tool page was redirecting: At that time, no Facebook documentation had been updated, but this appears to have been updated in the past few days. While it still gives tips on reducing text proportions in ad images, it now stops short of saying to keep it at 20%. Instead it now cautions the 20% metric as a best practice.