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Facebook’s Latest Enterprise Gambit: Ads that Click Directly to Messenger

September 05, 2019 / CBROnline

Facebook amps up Messenger features for enterprise. Facebook says business users can now create adverts that click through to its Messenger application – a commercial offering designed to drive potential prospects into conversation with advertisers. The new feature is the latest move by the social media and advertising behemoth to boost its enterprise offering. It follows a decision last year to open up a Whatsapp API for businesses for the first time. Facebook says the new feature, available through Facebook Ads Manager, will integrate with existing CRM tools to help sales teams track leads. In a post on the company’s developer blog, Facebook said that since the beta launch of the feature earlier this year, “businesses like UK-based professional services firm RIFT Tax have seen meaningful results”, adding that the company saw an 18 percent higher lead resolve rate through Messenger versus over the phone. Facebook Messenger Advertising: Range of New Features Rev...