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Google Reports Review of AI Search Changes

October 16, 2020 / Roger Montti

Google announced profound changes that will impact what sites Google ranks in the search results. Some changes impact 10% of searches, some impact 7%. The change to how BERT is used impacts nearly 100% of searches whereas last year it only impacted 10%. Some of the updates are coming by the end of the year. Others are already live in the search results. Many of the algorithm improvements announced will likely create more diversity in the search results, which in my opinion is going to make it several degrees harder for SEO. Keep reading for why this is so. In a recent PubCon keynote, Google’s John Mueller was straightforward in his prediction that SEO will become more difficult in the near future. Google BERT Now is Nearly 100%. One of the biggest reveals is that Google is employing BERT in virtually every search query. BERT is a technique for natural language processing pre-training that helps Google understand words within the context of the surrounding words. Google has said t...