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Google’s Oscars Ad Shows How It Can Help You Find Your Favorite Movie Locations

February 10, 2020 / David Griner

For this year’s Oscars broadcast, Google created an ad that features one of its relatively little-known mapping features: the ability to pinpoint where famous movie locations can be found in the real world. Should Amazon's Ad Business Worry Facebook and Google?That’s a pretty fun aspect of Google Maps—unless you’re a resident of the Bronx, which has already suffered more than its share of Joker fans coming into the borough to dance on the stairs made famous by Joaquin Phoenix in the 2019 film.That set obviously gets some screen time in Google’s spot, given that Joker had more Oscar nominations than any other movie this year, but the ad also features Doc Brown’s house in Back to the Future, the Jones family home from 1995’s Friday and Goonies Beach (aka Oregon’s Cannon Beach).Perfectly timed for Oscars weekend, the ad works both creatively