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Microsoft Ads to Roll out a Redesign of Its Interface

September 04, 2020 / Susan Wenograd

After being in open preview for about the last 10 months, Microsoft Ads is rolling out a redesign of its interface. It will be appearing in accounts over the next several weeks, and will streamline views, tools, and workflow into a familiar layout. A new default experience for users managing multiple accounts gives an at-a-glance experience for manager-level insights, making it faster to spot where action might need to be taken in different accounts. Customizable tiles in the dashboard let managers assemble the views that are most useful to them to quickly see how they’re performing against goals. Quick insights across your accounts appear in four tiles: Performance, Top changes: Accounts, Accounts and Devices. The Performance section allows you to choose different metrics that will display in the line graph. Dates can be adjusted in the upper right. Additional tiles highlight the top changes occurring by account, and the proportion of metrics by device. Touting the use of Micros...