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Tesla builds its one millionth vehicle

March 15, 2020 / Brendan McAleer

As a milestone of how far the company has come, Tesla this week announced the production of its one millionth electric vehicle. The EV in question is a red 2020 Model Y crossover, spec’d out in Performance trim with 21-inch wheels and a few other goodies. As ever, the announcement was greeted with the usual mix of skepticism and fanfare that accompanies any Tesla broadcast. On one hand, the team of workers that produced this latest machine are to be commended for hitting a major production landmark. On the other hand, Tesla’s financials are still convoluted enough to show that production figures are no indication of long-term viability. Still, the millionth Tesla milestone provides increased confidence that the Model Y crossover, slated to be the automaker’s first entry in the compact-luxury SUV segment, is on target to begin deliveries this year. The first vehicles out of the factory will be the higher-margin Performance and Long-Range variants. A similarly equipped ...