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Vizio Pursues A Late-Mover Advantage In CTV Ad Sales

February 18, 2020 / Alison Weissbrot

With the launch of an ad sales division in December, Vizio is taking full advantage of the work its competitors have done to educate buyers on CTV advertising.
“We’re piggybacking on the success of Roku, Samsung and Amazon,” said Mike O’Donnell, SVP of Vizio’s platform business.
Similar to other device makers, Vizio’s proposition is to continue to monetize one-off smart TV sales through ongoing ad sales. For buyers, the opportunity is to reach a unique audience on one of the nation’s largest smart TV manufacturers.
“One out of five smart TVs sold in the United States is a Vizio television,” O’Donnell said. “We’ve got a consumer base that isn’t on any other platforms.”
Vizio’s inventory consists of an owned-and-operated ad-supported channel and display ads on its home screen. Like competitors, it also negotiates rev-share deals with publishers that distribute content on ...