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Why Google’s decision to withhold programmatic data is pushing

March 23, 2020 / Seb Joseph

As advertisers search for more transparency into their programmatic buys, they’re demanding more data from ad tech vendors. One holdout in those negotiations is Google. The search giant’s dominance in advertising technology has long given advertisers a cause for concern. Now, some of those advertisers are using their influence over other ad tech vendors to mitigate the risk. The head of display at a U.S. based retailer recently decided they would not buy ads from the world’s largest online ad marketplace, known in the industry as Google Ad Exchange, for a key campaign. They wanted granular log-level data about the programmatic bids they won and lost over the key festive period last year but Google said no. Instead, the advertiser spent its media dollars with six other ad exchanges that were willing to share some of that data, as well as offer certain discounts.