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Wurl launches AdPool, a connected TV advertising marketplace

October 02, 2019 / Ben Munson

Wurl, a company that specializes in streaming video distribution and advertising services, is launching AdPool, a new advertising marketplace for connected TV inventory. The new offering launches today and is a free service for video publishers and connected TV platforms that are part of the Wurl Network. “Wurl’s AdPool has dramatically improved our advertising yield,” said Javier Saralegui, CEO and Founder of Danger TV, in a statement. “We’re using AdPool to fill a growing portion of our CTV inventory with targeted advertisements at higher prices.” Wurl said that connected TV video publishers are using AdPool to complement their existing advertising sales and reduce unsold inventory or as their primary ad sales channel. The company is also promising real-time targeting for its advertising to help boost CPMs and create buying efficiency for advertisers.