AdQuick raises $6M to conquer an advertising market Google and Facebook won’t

techcrunch | February 13, 2020

With Google and Facebook yielding massive control over the online ad market, leaving only scraps for other ad platforms, perhaps it was only natural that tech startups would take a step back and start to look for opportunities in selling billboards. AdQuick,  a marketplace for out of home (OOH) advertising, tells TechCrunch that it has closed a $6 million Series A led by Initialized Capital with participation from WndrCo, Shrug Capital, The Todd & Rahul Angel Fund and rapper Nas. The startup has now raised $9.4 million to date. AdQuick isn’t in the business of renting out advertising space they own. Like traditional channels, they connect the ad space owner with a buyer and take a commission on the purchase. Unlike some other channels, they’ve tried to inject the ad analytics of the web into the process so that buyers understand what they’re paying for impressions and can point brands to higher ROI locations where they might not have been looking.


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UK advertising regulator issues rebukes to crypto industry

UK advertising | December 15, 2021

The UK advertising watchdog has taken the crypto industry to task for “widespread” problems with misleading and irresponsible ads, issuing rulings against several of the sector’s biggest firms, including Coinbase and eToro. The Advertising Standards Authority on Wednesday released formal rebukes to seven firms for breaching UK ads industry standards with a wide range of promotions, from online campaigns to endorsements by social media influencers. Papa John’s, the pizza chain that claims to have accepted the first ever purchase made in Bitcoin, came under fire from the regulator for offering £10 cash back to customers in the form of crypto tokens. The ASA said the promotional deal “trivialised” investing in risky crypto assets.

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InMobi and Anzu Announce Preferred Programmatic In-Game Ad Partnership for Asia-Pacific Region

Anzu, InMobi | April 11, 2022

InMobi, a leading provider of content, monetization, and marketing technologies that help businesses fuel growth, today announced a partnership with, the world’s most advanced in-game advertising solution. The move means InMobi can now provide its advertisers with direct access to Anzu’s premium mobile programmatic inventory across the globe, in addition to first-look access to in-game mobile supply in Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Anzu’s award-winning in-game advertising solution allows programmatic advertisers to run their banner and video ads via blended yet highly viewable IAB-compliant ad formats that sit on 3D objects like roadside billboards, stadium banners and buildings. The ads are designed to complement the gameplay, respecting gamers, and in many cases, making the gameplay experience more realistic. Anzu’s technology is integrated with a full suite of third-party trusted vendors, including HUMAN for fraud detection; Comscore, Lumen, Nielsen for brand lift measurement; and Kochava for data enrichment. Anzu and Moat have also just enabled the first-to-market viewability measurement for in-game ads meaning InMobi’s advertisers can now request in-view metrics when programmatically running in-game ads. “I’m excited that this partnership with InMobi will help many more APAC advertisers experience the huge opportunity that in-game advertising presents, '' says Itamar Benedy, Co-Founder and CEO, Anzu. “I’m excited that this partnership with InMobi will help many more APAC advertisers experience the huge opportunity that in-game advertising presents, '' says Itamar Benedy, Co-Founder and CEO, Anzu. “InMobi’s expertise and vast advertiser network, combined with their knowledge of the APAC landscape, will help supercharge our solution within this market. There are more gamers in APAC than anywhere else in the world, and our solution will help brands to reach them in a non-disruptive, brand-safe way that compliments the gaming experience.” InMobi’s direct connections with top demand-side platforms across the globe, combined with direct supply to Anzu’s global inventory, enable advertisers to access these ad experiences through optimized supply paths. Access to Anzu’s inventory will help InMobi offer scale across a huge number of mobile games spanning multiple genres, allowing advertisers to reach engaged players within immersive environments. “InMobi’s preferred in-game advertising partnership with Anzu, co-funded by the world’s largest advertising agency WPP, allows our clients to seamlessly connect with gamers through integrated, non-disruptive ads,” says Kunal Nagpal, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Publisher Platform and Exchange at InMobi. “This partnership is beneficial to all parties, with new features and the goal to drive connections between consumers and brands with Anzu’s premium technology.” In addition, game developers partnering with InMobi will be able to take advantage of all the benefits that using Anzu’s SDK presents, which is already used by leading game developers including Ubisoft, MyGames, and Sir Studios, to monetize their titles with in-game ads that open up new reliable revenue streams, complement the gameplay, and work alongside other monetization models and solutions. Additionally, InMobi will help gaming publishers tap into global premium demand and seamlessly expand into in-game ad monetization to generate incremental revenue through both standard formats and in-game ads through a single platform. Ms. Ly, Commercialization Manager for Amanotes, one of South East Asia’s most popular mobile publishers, said: “We have two main goals, to continually improve the user experience and grow our business. Ensuring we keep an equal balance between both can be challenging. Anzu allows us to accomplish both of these goals simultaneously. Their in-game ad placements put gamers first and bring a sense of realism to our experiences while allowing us to establish a consistent and reliable revenue stream to help grow our business. The ads also work great alongside the other monetization methods we have in place.” Mobile gaming has sustained strong momentum from the initial surge at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, with new mobile game downloads 45% higher than pre-pandemic levels. This growth hasn’t been restricted to younger users only; eMarketer estimates that in the United States alone 163 million people—nearly half the population—play mobile games, breaking the traditional ‘gamer’ stereotypes marketers may have had in the recent past. About Anzu Anzu is the most advanced in-game ad solution for mobile, PC, console, and Roblox. Anzu’s in-game ads put players first and help advertisers reach audiences programmatically in a non-disruptive and highly engaging way. A patented 3D ad tracking engine, the first to bring viewability measurement in-game with Oracle Moat, and partnerships with trusted AdTech vendors make Anzu the preferred in-game advertising partner for advertisers worldwide. Anzu helps game developers monetize their titles with ad placements that complement the gameplay, resulting in reliable revenue streams. The sole officially licensed in-game ad provider for Xbox, the first ad platform to become Unity verified, and with a self-serve dashboard that provides complete control over ad placements, Anzu is the preferred in-game ad monetization partner for developers worldwide. Backed by WPP, Sony Innovation Fund, NBCUniversal, HTC, Bitkraft, and other prominent investors, Anzu has raised $37M to make advertising in games better. Better for brands, better for game developers, and better for gamers. Learn more. About InMobi InMobi is a leading provider of marketing and monetization technologies. With deep expertise and unique reach in mobile, it is a trusted and transparent technology partner for marketers, content creators and businesses of all kinds. InMobi’s mission is to power its customers’ growth by helping them engage their audiences and build meaningful connections. Its affiliated businesses – Glance, an unconsolidated subsidiary that offers a lock screen-based content discovery platform and video platform Roposo – help InMobi create new content and commerce experiences in a world of connected devices. InMobi is headquartered in Singapore, maintains a large presence in San Francisco and Bangalore and has operations in New York, Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne, Seoul, Tokyo, London and Dubai. To learn more, visit

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ALM's ThinkAdvisor Introduces New Reader Experience With Design And Advertising Innovations

ALM | February 23, 2021

ALM's ThinkAdvisor, the leading online media brand serving the financial advisory community, has introduced a new website design, an enhanced editorial strategy and advertising innovations that will improve reader experience and drive audience and partner engagement. ThinkAdvisor's ( innovations include: • A fresh and clean design, new color palette and vibrant graphics that deliver maximum impact and viewability along with a new content framework that provides better navigation of information. • A refreshed editorial beat structure that provides analysis about the most important issues of the day, with distilled takeaways at the top of each story. • A new advertising approach in which ads are better integrated around content, improving the reader experience and allowing better viewability of partner messages. "Together, these design, editorial and advertising innovations greatly improve reader experience and provide better results for our partners," said Adam Dunn, VP Financial Markets for ALM. Dunn said that many of the editorial innovations had started to be implemented over the past quarter and have already resulted in significant growth in reader engagement and site traffic. "This is where advanced web design and advertising product development is going and we're very excited to lead the financial advisory industry with these initiatives," Dunn said. About ALM ALM, an information and intelligence company, provides customers with critical news, data, analysis, marketing solutions and events to successfully manage the business of business. ALM serves a community of more than 6 million business professionals in the legal, finance, insurance and commercial real estate industries. Please visit for more information. About ThinkAdvisor ThinkAdvisor (, with 1.2 million average monthly pageviews and 587,000 newsletter subscribers, and Investment Advisor Magazine with 50,000 qualified subscribers, produces the premier news, analysis and resources that the community of professional financial advice-givers needs to serve clients, stay compliant and maximize growth.

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Gannett Issues Statement in Response to Wall Street Journal Story Regarding Advertising Data

Gannett | March 10, 2022

Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI) today issued a response to a story published by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on March 8 that implies Gannett intentionally shared inaccurate information to advertisers over a period of nine months. Gannett sincerely regrets inadvertently passing along the incorrect data parameter. This human error was immediately rectified when the Company independently discovered the issue. The data parameter issue was caused due to a caching error when the Company implemented changes to how data is passed from the publisher to the ad exchanges. It is important to note that the revenue associated with third-party programmatic advertising exchanges that potentially used the incorrect data parameter in question was less than $10 million in total over the impacted period. Also, none of Gannett’s direct sold digital advertising or direct sold programmatic advertising were affected. No user level data was impacted and there was no impact to geo-specific ad placement or user data targeting and in all cases ads remained within the USA TODAY NETWORK of sites. Only select exchanges have adopted this specification, which greatly reduced the potential impact. Likewise, Gannett believes the number of advertisers impacted from this error was nominal in relation to Gannett’s overall programmatic advertising universe. Gannett has fully evaluated the quality assurance program relating to product releases and is implementing procedures to ensure that an error such as this does not occur again in the future. ABOUT GANNETT Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI) is a subscription-led and digitally-focused media and marketing solutions company committed to empowering communities to thrive. With an unmatched reach at the national and local level, Gannett touches the lives of millions with our Pulitzer Prize-winning content, consumer experiences and benefits, and advertiser products and services. Our current portfolio of media assets includes USA TODAY, local media organizations in 45 states in the U.S., and Newsquest, a wholly owned subsidiary operating in the United Kingdom with more than 120 local news media brands. Gannett also owns digital marketing services companies branded LOCALiQ, and runs one of the largest media-owned events business in the U.S., USA TODAY NETWORK Ventures. To connect with us, visit

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