BWZ acquires Crozdesk to become a media technology company

BWZ acquires Crozdesk
Vancouver-based media company Black and White Zebra (BWZ) announced the acquisition of London-based SaaS lead generation company Crozdesk. Crozdesk has recently launched a vendor platform, SoftwareSelect, which helps procurement teams find the right tools for their organizations. With this acquisition, BWZ will be able to provide its customers with better software recommendations thanks to its lead generation platform for SaaS firms.

BWZ was founded in 2011, and it has managed to build a portfolio of online publications that cover project management, product management, people management, customer experience, quality assurance, etc. For SaaS firms like, ClickUp, and Smartsheet, BWZ generates millions of leads and millions of unique visitors each month.

Crozdesk, a London, UK-based SaaS lead-generation startup, and its recently launched vendor platform SoftwareSelect have been acquired for $3.6 million today, the company stated. BWZ's acquisition of the company will allow it to give its customers more thorough software recommendations.

The official statement from BWZ on this acquisition conveys the plans ahead, a transformation from a major media publisher to an advanced media technology business.

"Since its launch more than a decade ago, BWZ has helped millions of people and organizations through engaging content including detailed how-to guides, training courses and member forums that help people succeed at work," says Ben Aston, founder and CEO. , BWZ.

"Since its launch more than a decade ago, BWZ has helped millions of people and organizations through engaging content including detailed how-to guides, training courses and member forums that help people succeed at work," says Ben Aston, founder and CEO. , BWZ. "We are passionate about connecting people with the right tools and technology, and we deliver engaging content for our readers that is also highly optimized for our ad partners. This acquisition transforms our business from a major media publisher to an advanced media technology business, and we have a tremendous opportunity ahead of us."

Over the past three years, Crozdesk has executed lead generation, PPC, and intent data campaigns for over 500 software providers and employs AI to classify over 13,000 software products in over 350 categories. The company uses machine learning to rate and evaluate vendors on its platform, and it runs a network of online publishers across the software sector, expanding its reach through intent data and lead creation.

For Crozdesk, this acquisition is expected to bring the desired scale for their products and services.

"Combining the reach, scale and engaging content of BWZ with our digital lead generation solutions used by over 13,000 software vendors makes this an exciting opportunity for both companies," comments Nicholas Hopper, Founder and CEO. of Crozdesk. "We have the ability to provide deep insights into enterprise buyer behavior and provide our partners with invaluable data for sales, marketing and customer success."


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