Impact of the Election on the Media Market

Ocean Media | November 16, 2016

Ocean Media president Jay Langan recently spoke with Mona Marimow from Moco Global about the impact this year’s election had on the media buying industry:

“Every election cycle has our clients asking about impact to their business. Most national advertisers see minimal impact as campaign dollars tend to be focused on local swing states. If those markets are part of your media strategy expect a rough ride until November. Inventory will be scarce and prices sky high.”


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Other News

Perion’s Search Advertising Business Unit, CodeFuel, Wins Microsoft Advertising’s Supply Partner of the Year Award

Perion | February 11, 2022

Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI), a global advertising technology company, announced today that its search advertising business unit, CodeFuel, has been named Microsoft Advertising’s 2021 Supply Partner of the Year EMEA. This prestigious award goes to the business that has shown excellence in partnership with Microsoft Advertising across all areas of collaboration. This recognition is based on key partnership results that include engagement, revenue growth, feature adoption in Search and Native, and the scale of joint activities. “With a partnership with Microsoft that is more than a decade old, the recognition of being named Microsoft’s Advertising Partner of the Year is the culmination of our work together thus far, and we believe it is just the beginning,” said Doron Gerstel, Perion’s CEO. “The pandemic saw an unprecedented explosion in the eCommerce sector, the equivalent of years of growth,” Gerstel added. “As a result, advertisers allocated more of their budget to the search category, where consumers express their highest level of purchase intent, which makes our partnership with Microsoft Advertising even more strategic. Together, we remain committed to building our publisher network while maintaining the impeccable quality standards which matter so much to both of us.” “Microsoft Advertising is delighted to show our appreciation and acknowledge the well-deserved recognition for CodeFuel, a Perion Company, with the Supply Partner of the Year EMEA Award. Our partners are critical to our business and it's a privilege to recognize those who lead with a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and inclusive behavior.” “Our partners have displayed a strong commitment to their clients, and to their communities during a time of uncertainty and disruption,” said Sean O’Connor, International Marketing Director at Microsoft Advertising. “The award theme ‘Together we are limitless’ truly reflects the spirit of how we worked together with Microsoft Advertising to achieve fantastic growth results year over year. We accomplished this through ongoing technology investments and a relentless focus on quality,” said Tal Jacobson, General Manager, CodeFuel. “The close collaboration between the teams has enabled us to introduce new features in our search technology suite and expand our network of publishers globally. We look forward to expanding the category through continued collaboration and further driving success for publishers and advertisers,” added Jacobson. About Perion Network Ltd. Perion is a global technology company that delivers strategic business solutions that enable brands and advertisers to efficiently “Capture and Convince” users across multiple platforms and channels, including interactive connected television – or iCTV. Perion achieves this through its Synchronized Digital Branding capabilities, which are focused on high impact creative; content monetization; its branded search network, in partnership with Microsoft Bing; and social media management that orchestrates and optimizes paid advertising. This diversification positions Perion for growth as budgets shift across categories.

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Comcast Advertising Rolls Out Nationwide, Multi-Screen Media Solution for Premium TV Advertising with the Relaunch of its AudienceXpress Brand

Comcast Advertising, AudienceXpress | March 15, 2022

Today, Comcast Advertising announced that its market-leading media solutions allowing U.S. advertisers to buy premium TV advertising on an audience basis nationwide across all screens, including broadcast, cable, digital and connected TV (CTV), will be relaunched under the AudienceXpress brand. FreeWheel Media, the media solutions team within FreeWheel, will now be in market under the AudienceXpress brand. AudienceXpress automates the way advertisers reach audiences across screens and offers several differentiating features, including: The ability to measure and report on campaigns in near real-time Integration with major MVPDs, providing advertisers with superior forecasting visibility and direct coverage of over 300M consumers across all 210 DMAs Use of aggregated Comcast viewership data, as well as first- and third-party data, to reach the right audiences with linear and CTV advertising Advanced incremental reach and attribution solutions to unlock proprietary insights into campaign performance. “AudienceXpress offers advertisers scaled premium TV advertising across screens,” said Brian Wallach, Head of Revenue, AudienceXpress. “In addition, decisions are guided by high-quality data that helps us plan better, measure more accurately and most importantly, help our clients act on those results. At AudienceXpress, as the name implies, we are continuously and quickly providing updated results on audience delivery and performance, then adjusting as needed to maximize success.” “AudienceXpress offers advertisers scaled premium TV advertising across screens,” said Brian Wallach, Head of Revenue, AudienceXpress. As background, in 2015 Comcast acquired AudienceXpress, along with its parent company VisibleWorld. The tech company, whose capabilities were housed within FreeWheel, was one of the first to bring data and automation to the buying of linear television advertising. “Our advertising technology has advanced significantly over the past few years, and the AudienceXpress name perfectly reflects the fit between our solution and the growing need for advertisers to easily reach specific audiences – not just demographics – across all screens,” said Pooja Midha, Chief Growth Officer, Comcast Advertising. “That is exactly what this solution does. With AudienceXpress, advertisers can reach their audiences on premium inventory at scale with white-glove service and an industry-leading delivery rate. In a complicated and fragmented marketplace, AudienceXpress provides direct, easy and scaled access to the premium TV audiences that matter.” About Comcast Advertising Comcast Advertising is the advertising division of Comcast Cable. As a global leader in media, technology and advertising, Comcast Advertising fosters powerful connections between brands and their audiences as well as between publishers, distributors, MVPDs, agencies and other industry players. Effectv, its advertising sales division, helps local, regional and national advertisers connect with their audiences on every screen by using advanced data to drive targeting and measurement of their campaigns. FreeWheel, its media and technology arm, provides the technology, data enablement and convergent marketplaces required to ensure buyers and sellers can transact across all screens, across all data types and all sales channels, in order to ensure the ultimate goal – results for marketers. Comcast Cable, along with NBCUniversal and Sky, is part of the Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA). Visit to learn more.

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New York Life’s Our Product Advertising Creative Spotlights Caring Relationships Between Company’s Agents and Clients

NEW YORK LIFE | February 16, 2022

New York Life, America’s largest1 mutual life insurer, today debuted Our Product, the latest advertising creative of the company’s “Love Takes Action” campaign. “Love Takes Action” reminds Americans that they have the power to act on their love to build better futures and protect loved ones. The first creative of the campaign, Agápē, launched in January 2020 in coordination with pro football’s championship game. Our Product highlights the core of what New York Life delivers: agents who maintain caring relationships with clients and deliver guidance throughout their lives. The creative depicts long-standing traditions of New York Life’s diverse and industry-leading2 agents meeting with families and being there when they’re needed most. This latest creative emphasizes the strong presence of our agents in their clients’ lives throughout all that life brings. The ‘Love Takes Action’ campaign is rooted in New York Life’s long-held core values of integrity and humanity, and the company’s purpose - to be there when our clients need us. By highlighting our agents’ caring role in supporting Americans as they act on their love, we believe the campaign continues to convey the message of love taking action in a meaningful and memorable way.” Kari Axberg, co-head of marketing at New York Life. Our Product will be seen regularly during Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and Pac-12 college basketball games, among other national broadcasts. The campaign features the hashtag #lovetakesaction. Anomaly led the creative and production for the spot, which was directed by Spencer Creigh of Superprime. ABOUT NEW YORK LIFE New York Life Insurance Company (, a Fortune 100 company founded in 1845, is the largest1 mutual life insurance company in the United States and one of the largest life insurers in the world. Headquartered in New York City, New York Life’s family of companies offers life insurance, retirement income, investments, and long-term care insurance. New York Life has the highest financial strength ratings currently awarded to any U.S. life insurer from all four of the major credit rating agencies3.

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BidMind Partners with CatapultX to Enhance Contextual Advertising in a Cookie-Free Future

BidMind, CatapultX | March 14, 2022

BidMind, an omnichannel programmatic advertising platform, has announced a partnership with CatapultX, the creator of the first and only AI-powered On-Stream™ video advertising and monetisation platform. BidMind will use CatapultX’s technological solutions to further improve its programmatic advertising services. Through cooperation, BidMind will receive access to CatapultX’s inventory enhanced by contextual AI, which optimises the relevance of ad placements and subsequently boosts the advertising’s impact. This will broaden BidMind’s existing contextual targeting and provide their clients with the opportunity to win customers. The importance of contextual targeting in advertising increases following the demise of third-party cookie support. Through big data and AI, marketers are aiming to boost precision and personalisation by utilising automatic content recognition technology, which enables devices to collect and analyse digital fingerprints by comparing displayed content with existing datasets to adjust ads according to context. For advertisers, it means that, with AI-based contextual targeting, they are much more likely to advertise not only to the right people, but also to do that in the best moment possible, to grab the attention of consumers and stimulate decision making. “With contextual targeting tools, aligning messages with certain users and making ads less intrusive will become simpler by a considerable margin,” says Reid Mitnick, director of sales at BidMind. “The partnership with CatapultX will enhance BidMind’s semantic advertising offerings. This is an important step to help our advertisers reach their audiences when Google finalises the end of third-party cookies next year.” “We are delighted to partner with BidMind and offer their clients CatapultX’s premium inventory and contextual algorithms for greater advertising opportunities,” says James Altschuler, co-founder and COO of CatapultX. “We are delighted to partner with BidMind and offer their clients CatapultX’s premium inventory and contextual algorithms for greater advertising opportunities,” says James Altschuler, co-founder and COO of CatapultX. “This partnership will bring advantageous and rewarding results for us and BidMind’s clients.”

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