INNOVO Leverages Powerful New Creative and a More Effective Approach to TV Advertising to Help Revolutionize Women’s Health

INNOVO® | September 27, 2022 | Read time : 08:00 min

Effective Approach to TV Advertising
Although one in three women experience Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) at some point in their lives, public and media taboos around the topic have exacerbated the physical and mental stress caused by bladder leaks, while common remedies like pads and adult diapers are often considered inconvenient and less than comfortable.

To provide women the opportunity to live life free from bladder leaks in as little as three months, consumer medical company Atlantic Therapeutics paired compelling new creative with a smart approach to television advertising to boost awareness and adoption of INNOVO®, a non-invasive solution that treats the cause of bladder weakness in women via a unique wearable technology approved by the FDA with no prescription needed.

“As we moved into 2022, we recognized our early progress in building a disruptive brand in a huge category dominated by strong incumbents,” said Susan Trent, CEO of Atlantic Therapeutics.

“As we moved into 2022, we recognized our early progress in building a disruptive brand in a huge category dominated by strong incumbents,” said Susan Trent, CEO of Atlantic Therapeutics. “To accelerate that progress, we needed to deliver a highly persuasive message that motivated women to change their beliefs and behaviors around bladder leaks. And as a scaling start-up business, media efficiency was a critical element in landing the message to the right audience. That was the challenge we set to our partners.”

For a complete refresh of its commercials, INNOVO® enlisted Quirk Creative, an award-winning advertising agency specializing in video-based campaigns. Quirk Creative produced new spots that communicated the superior and clinically proven benefits of the innovative, pelvic-floor-muscle-strengthening shorts in a smart, sensitive and informative manner that both educated and engaged viewers.

“As one of the many brands we represent in Quirk’s FemHealth practice, we used our experience and expertise in the feminine healthcare space to create a unique campaign for INNOVO®’s unique solution to incontinence,” explained Wren Sieber, Creative Director at Quirk Creative. “The spot focuses on the target audience's real emotional trigger moments – first as floating dream sequences, symbolic of our audience’s desire to engage, and then again in real time, to be able to run, jump, and laugh, feeling the impact of the shorts.”

In order to effectively reach women over 35 with active lifestyles who were past or current users of products from its competitors, INNOVO® turned to Simulmedia, the leader in truly cross-channel TV advertising. Simulmedia’s patented TV+® platform helped INNOVO® forecast where its target audience would be watching TV and then activated against that audience at guaranteed scale with a national data-driven campaign.

“Our TV+® platform’s unique planning, buying, activation and measurement capabilities as well as direct access to premium video inventory from over 250 networks and streaming services enabled INNOVO® to get its ads more broadly in front of females across the U.S.,” said Dina M. Roman, Senior Vice President of Sales, Simulmedia. “This allowed the brand to cost-efficiently spread its powerful message, grow awareness and drive online sales.”

INNOVO®’s strategy resulted in a dramatic and measurable impact on all key performance metrics, including: a 265% lift in site visitors, a 199% increase in customer response rate, a 60% increase in “Add to Carts” on the company’s website and a significant 45% reduction in cost per site visitor to the company’s website.

Most importantly, the partnership and combined efforts of INNOVO®, Quirk Creative and Simulmedia ensured that hundreds of thousands of women across the U.S. no longer have to suffer or be embarrassed by incontinence and now have the opportunity to, in the words of the new TV spots, “do what we love – without worrying.”

INNOVO® is an FDA-Approved, CE-marked treatment for women suffering from Stress Urinary Incontinence. It works by delivering clinically proven, safe, non-invasive pelvic-floor stimulation via unique wearable technology. In the privacy of their own home, women can simply wear the INNOVO® shorts technology for a 30-minute pelvic floor workout. Innovative NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation) technology embedded in the INNOVO® shorts does the work to strengthen and re-educate their pelvic floor muscles, giving women the opportunity to live life free from bladder leaks in as little as three months. Extensive clinical trial outcomes conducted on over 600 subjects consistently confirm improvements in key outcomes, symptoms and acceptability. Underpinned by this compelling peer-reviewed science, INNOVO® has received numerous prestigious awards for innovation and technology and is revenue-generating in both the USA and Europe.

About Atlantic Therapeutics
Based in Galway, Ireland and Boston, MA, Atlantic Therapeutics develops consumer medical devices, related software, apps and connected health technologies to treat all types of incontinence. The company's mission is to improve the quality of life of millions of people each year, by enabling them to restore and strengthen their pelvic health, thus regaining the confidence and control to lead active lives. Atlantic Therapeutics has attracted both international VC investment and enterprise grant funding and is experiencing high growth, establishing INNOVO® as the leading Femtech solution to treat SUI. For more information, please visit www.myinnovo.com.

About Quirk Creative
Quirk Creative is a WBE-certified, award-winning advertising agency specializing in video-based campaigns. Quirk combines creative strategy, testing and production under one roof for brand-awareness and performance campaigns on TV, OTT, digital and social channels. The end result: hardworking creative that lifts brands, and most importantly, sells. For more information, visit www.findyourquirk.com.

About Simulmedia
Simulmedia is the leader in truly cross-channel TV advertising. With its TV+® platform, the company delivers unparalleled reach, measurement, and results wherever audiences watch or stream. Founded In 2008, Simulmedia pioneered a data-first, digital approach to TV ad placement and optimization that changed TV advertising forever. With TV+, Simulmedia helps advertisers and agencies quickly and effectively reach viewers scattered across both linear television and connected TV at guaranteed scale without wasteful duplication. Simulmedia has planned and executed successful TV campaigns for hundreds of brands, including Experian, Warner Bros. Discovery, Zelle, Disney, 1-800-FLOWERS, Monster, Electrolux, Rover, Nordstrom, King’s Hawaiian, and many more. In addition, Simulmedia allows brands to extend their reach and connect with elusive younger audiences via PlayerWON™, the first in-game video advertising platform for free-to-play PC and console titles. For more information, visit www.simulmedia.com and www.playerwon.com.


Lamar Advertising and Posterscope USA unveiled an out-of-home campaign for the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu launch using vehicle recognition technology that generated dynamic, customized messages to drivers on Lamar's digital billboards.

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HUMAN Discovers and Disrupts Ad Fraud Scheme Impacting 89 Apps with More Than 13 Million Downloads from Google Play and Apple App Stores

Human Security | September 26, 2022

HUMAN Security, Inc. (formerly White Ops), the global leader in safeguarding enterprises from digital attacks with modern defense, today announced the discovery and disruption of a highly sophisticated fraud operation targeting advertising software development kits (SDKs) within 9 apps on the Apple App Store and 80 Android apps on the Google Play Store, which collectively have been downloaded more than 13 million times. The attack, nicknamed Scylla, is an adaptation of a fraud scheme first observed and disrupted by HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team in 2019. While the attack is ongoing and actively being monitored by the Satori team, HUMAN has collaborated with Apple, Google and others to take down the fraudulent apps from their respective app stores. “Our number one goal is to protect our customers and the digital ecosystem from cybercriminals such as those behind these attacks. The only way we can do this is with modern defense where we can work together across the industry on disruptions like Scylla,” said HUMAN Co-Founder and CEO Tamer Hassan. “Our number one goal is to protect our customers and the digital ecosystem from cybercriminals such as those behind these attacks. The only way we can do this is with modern defense where we can work together across the industry on disruptions like Scylla,” said HUMAN Co-Founder and CEO Tamer Hassan. “We will continue to remain vigilant for other similar attacks and harness the work of collective protection—where an attack on one is a protection event for all—disrupting the economics of cybercrime. That’s the only way we win. ” Scylla is the third wave of an operation HUMAN first uncovered in 2019, in which a collection of 40+ Android apps openly committed multiple types of ad fraud. That scheme, nicknamed Poseidon after elements of the code within the apps, was disrupted by the Satori team’s reverse engineering efforts, resulting in Google removing the apps from its Play Store. A 2020 adaptation of the scheme, nicknamed Charybdis after the daughter of Poseidon, incorporated additional code obfuscation and SDK targeting techniques. Today’s announcement of the disruption of Scylla—named after the granddaughter of Poseidon—reflects a new evolution from the threat actors behind the scheme. While the Poseidon and Charybdis operations centered wholly on Android apps, the Satori team has found evidence that Scylla additionally targets iOS apps and has expanded the attack to other parts of the digital advertising ecosystem. HUMAN’s Satori team worked closely with the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to ensure all of the apps identified as being associated with the Scylla operation have been removed from public access. HUMAN also closely collaborated with impacted advertising SDK developers to mitigate the impact of the operation to their processes and their advertising partners. Customers of HUMAN’s MediaGuard solution are protected from fraud associated with Scylla and with its predecessors. Apps within the Scylla operation committed fraud through a variety of tactics, including: App spoofing, in which the Scylla apps pretended to be other apps for the purpose of digital advertising, Hidden ads, in which the apps would render advertisements in places a user couldn’t actually see them, and Fake clicks, in which the apps would keep track of real clicks on advertisements in order to fake additional clicks later. These tactics, combined with the obfuscation techniques first observed in the Charybdis operation, demonstrate the increased sophistication of the threat actors behind Scylla. This is an ongoing attack, and users should consult the list of apps in the report and consider removing them from all devices. As this attack has evolved multiple times already, the Satori team has withheld certain details about the operation in order to better track and report on further adaptation. HUMAN verifies the humanity of more than 15 trillion digital interactions per week, offering enterprises a platform with unmatched visibility into fraudulent activity across the Internet. HUMAN achieves this scale through its continued expansion in cybersecurity, including its recent merger with PerimeterX, now offering a suite of products to protect the complete digital customer journey. With new partners and enterprises now able to leverage the Human Defense Platform, comes an even deeper understanding of the cybercrime landscape, enabling HUMAN to adapt continuously, staying ahead of adversaries with modern defense (leveraging internet visibility, network effect, and disruptions), and safeguarding clients with collective protection against threat models they have yet to encounter. The Satori team used numerous tools to identify Scylla and its operators, whose information has been shared with law enforcement. To learn more about the Scylla operation, visit the HUMAN blog. About HUMAN HUMAN is a cybersecurity company that safeguards 500+ customers from digital attacks including sophisticated bots, fraud and account abuse. We leverage modern defense—internet visibility, network effect, and disruptions—to enable our customers to increase ROI and trust while decreasing end-user friction, data contamination, and cybersecurity exposure.Today we verify the humanity of more than 15 trillion interactions per week across advertising, marketing, e-commerce, government, education and enterprise security, putting us in a position to win against cybercriminals. Protect your digital business with HUMAN. To Know Who’s Real, visit www.humansecurity.com.

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Hivestack Launches Full Programmatic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Operations in Brazil

Hivestack | September 17, 2022

Hivestack, the world’s leading independent programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company today (September 15th, 2022) announced the expansion of its LATAM business with the launch of operations across Brazil. Now for the first time, brands, agencies, omnichannel demand-side platforms (DSPs), and media owners - both in the country and globally - can access the Hivestack platform and suite of solutions to plan, activate, measure, and drive revenue from programmatic DOOH campaigns in Brazil. To coincide with its launch, Hivestack has onboarded several Brazil-based media owners including Clear Channel Brasil, onboarding 100% of its DOOH inventory in major cities across the country via the Hivestack supply-side platform (SSP). Clear Channel Brasil will be able to monetise their premium DOOH inventory by connecting to a worldwide pool of advertisers in real-time. As part of the expansion into Brazil, Hivestack has also partnered with leading media buyer Matterkind Brasil to launch campaigns in the market. Andreas Soupliotis, CEO & founder of Hivestack said, “We are excited to announce our Brazil market launch to accelerate the adoption of programmatic DOOH across Latin America. We’ve already seen incredible success in other markets across the region and look forward to utilising our full stack platform to drive growth in this new market.” Andreas Soupliotis, CEO & founder of Hivestack said, “We are excited to announce our Brazil market launch to accelerate the adoption of programmatic DOOH across Latin America. We’ve already seen incredible success in other markets across the region and look forward to utilising our full stack platform to drive growth in this new market.” Tom Motmans, CEO Clear Channel Brazil and president Clear Channel LATAM added, “Clear Channel has been at the forefront of programmatic DOOH in Brazil and we are delighted to partner with Hivestack. ​​We followed the development and growth of this market, understanding the importance of an omnichannel strategy and all the benefits that DOOH can deliver to the marketing mix. We are thrilled to make our inventory available on the Hivestack SSP to work together and look forward to solidifying and leveraging even more in this market." “Matterkind Brazil's alliance with Hivestack means the opportunity to grow in one of the main markets in LATAM with innovation, competitive technology, business strategy, and allow us to continue evolving to deliver better results to our clients” commented Jazmin Argüelles, addressable product lead ATV & AOOH, Matterkind LatAm. Brazil represents a strong market for the OOH industry responsible for 30% of total OOH ad spend globally and with further digitisation of screens, along with the growth of ad technology such as programmatic, DOOH advertising expenditure in Brazil will see a significant rise with projections of reaching USD$160m (£139m) by 2023. Launching its full programmatic DOOH operations in Brazil, Hivestack will ensure marketers are now able to utilise data-driven targeting precision, agile buying models, and unprecedented audience measurement capabilities to drive further growth for the channel in 2023 and beyond. About Hivestack Hivestack is the largest independent, global, full stack, marketing technology company that powers the buy and sell-side of programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) advertising. On the buy side, marketers use Hivestack’s Demand-Side Platform to create measurable campaigns that activate DOOH screens in real time based on consumer behaviour and audience movement patterns. On the sell-side, DOOH media owners use Hivestack’s Supply-Side Platform & Ad Exchange to attract programmatic revenue. DOOH media owners can also use Hivestack’s Ad Server to power audience-based, directly sold campaigns.

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Measured Launches In UK With New Tools That Enable Retailers to Maximise Advertising ROI

Measured | October 04, 2022

Measured has launched new tools and features to help marketers maximise advertising ROI and find new ways to grow. The latest product launch also marks Measured’s official arrival in the UK market to revolutionise how British retailers measure – and spend - their media budgets. Measured is the only media optimisation platform that reveals the true incremental contribution of advertising spend to business results. “Marketers are under constant pressure to not only prove the business impact of every dollar they spend, but also predict the impact of every dollar they plan to spend,” said Trevor Testwuide, co-founder and CEO at Measured. “Marketers are under constant pressure to not only prove the business impact of every dollar they spend, but also predict the impact of every dollar they plan to spend,” said Trevor Testwuide, co-founder and CEO at Measured. “That pressure is even more intense when there is uncertainty about the future, like the threat of a recession. By unlocking the power of the industry’s largest collection of media incrementality intelligence, Measured tools enable customers to continuously adapt and optimise media for their business-critical metrics.” Measured customers take scalpel to waste in marketing spend With the current recession in the UK, businesses are looking for ways to save money. Measuring the incremental contribution media investments make to business results can identify where to eliminate waste and determine the right channels, campaigns, and tactics to focus on to remain profitable. “By automatically calculating the estimated outcomes of proposed changes to our media mix, Media Plan Optimiser enables us to make confident decisions about spend allocation,” said Eli Esagoff, Growth Marketer at True Classic. “The ability to choose from different levels of intensity, based on budget flexibility and appetite for change, means it’s great for any type of advertiser. The tool has saved our team a lot of time deliberating over marketing mix decisions.” In the last year, Measured has been used by brands to optimise more than £3.65 billion in global advertising spend. Marketers at leading UK consumer brands, including MADE, Dermalogica UK, AB InBev UK and Stance, trust Measured to connect advertising spend to business results and answer the toughest marketing questions being asked by executives and stakeholders. New tools give marketers true visibility over how spend drives results Measured’s Media Plan Optimiser and a new benchmark comparison tool provide marketers with instant insights and recommendations to drive media efficiency and maximise the impact of their media spend. The Media Plan Optimiser saves time and reduces guesswork with accurate, automated spend recommendations for every channel and tactic. Using incrementality-driven allocation technology, integrated with company performance data, it shows how to generate the best results on every channel, while taking into account the diminishing returns of increasing spend. With customisable budgets, objectives, and optimisation strengths, advertisers can run and compare multiple scenarios in minutes to uncover opportunities to increase efficiency, scale, and diversify spend. With the new benchmarks' comparison feature, brands can also compare their critical media allocation, performance, and growth metrics against other brands in the Measured portfolio. By tracking costs, spend allocation, and results of similar brands, advertisers can identify market trends and reveal new channels or tactics worth exploring. Continuously updated with cross-portfolio data and insights from ongoing incrementality testing, marketers can use comparison data to answers questions like: Do I allocate more or less of my budget than my peers to certain channels or tactics? Are my conversion rates similar to other brands? Am I paying more than other brands for the same media? Is my media driving more incremental sales than other brands in my category? What other channels and tactics are working for my peer group that I should consider adding to my mix? Incrementality measurement for media attribution gains momentum As outdated models like multi-touch attribution break down due to increasing restrictions on how companies collect data and track users, incrementality-based attribution is on the rise as a reliable - and privacy compliant - method for measuring ad performance. Test and control experiments used to measure incrementality do not require tracking at the user level and can be used to determine which media channels or tactics contribute to business metrics - and by how much. The Measured platform is anchored on results and data from thousands of incrementality experiments that were run by all types of businesses and measured against actual conversion data from the brands. This collection of incrementality intelligence, only accessible to Measured customers, continuously grows more powerful as it is updated with results from hundreds of ongoing in-market tests. For each new customer, Measured builds direct connections to each available data source, then applies proprietary incrementality insights to the brand data to enable optimisation across all media channels in just two weeks. To find out more about Media Plan Optimiser and other tools available with the Measured platform visit: https://www.measured.com/products/measured-mdecisions-cross-channel-source-of-truth-reporting/ About Measured Measured helps brands maximize marketing efficiency and find new ways to grow with the only incrementality measurement approach that demonstrates the true business contribution of each advertising dollar spent. Through Measured's award-winning platform, marketers get access to the industry’s largest collection of incrementality intelligence and to customizable tools that enable them to validate, optimize, plan and test investments for every critical media channel and tactic. Since 2017, leading brands like Crocs, Faherty Brand, Parachute, Vuori, and Patagonia, have trusted incrementality insights from Measured for spend attribution and optimization, performance reporting, scenario planning, and experimentation. www.measured.com

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Appsumer Report: Apple Privacy Measures Provides a Boost for Apple Search Ads and Favors Large Advertisers

Appsumer | September 07, 2022

Appsumer, a leading performance insights platform for mobile app advertisers by InMobi, unveiled its benchmark report on how major advertisers are leveraging the top sources for app downloads, analyzed through advertiser channel adoption and share-of-wallet. The report provides a snapshot of advertiser behavior from second quarter 2021 to the second quarter 2022 and reveals that Apple has gotten a significant boost to Apple Search Ads (ASA) as a result of their AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) initiatives, while Facebook and Snap saw declines in both share-of-wallet and market share. The report also revealed that smaller advertisers continue to struggle with the increasing complexity of cross-channel advertising; while the number of channels used didn’t move significantly, the underlying data shows more detail on how larger and smaller marketers adjusted channel mix. Large advertisers increased the channels used year-over-year by an average of 1.4 channels to a total of 10.7. In contrast, smaller advertisers decreased the channels used on average by 1.1 year-over-year to 2.5. “There is a clear divide between the success of larger advertisers and the struggle of smaller advertisers,” explains Shumel Lais, General Manager of Appsumer by InMobi. “There is a clear divide between the success of larger advertisers and the struggle of smaller advertisers,” explains Shumel Lais, General Manager of Appsumer by InMobi. “The largest advertisers likely increased channels to maintain volume when performance dipped on some channels. Smaller advertisers frequently lack the creative, data and optimization resources to diversify quickly across channels.” Lais recommends that smaller app players consider building lean experimentation processes to help diversify channels, and a cost-effective data infrastructure can help provide valuable insights into the complexities of cross-channel measurement in a post-ATT world. The report's findings also highlight the shifts among market leaders, including: ASA joins the duopoly of Meta and Google at the top table of advertiser adoption, with adoption growing nearly four percentage points to 94.8%, while Meta adoption declined three percentage points to 82.8%. ASA’s share-of-wallet rose five percentage points, reaching a 15% share. Apple’s first-party data advantage on iOS for both measurement and targeting has helped, but they will need more inventory, which is why rumors of an Apple DSP are swirling. Meta’s share-of-wallet declined four percentage points year-over-year, still finishing significantly ahead of ASA with a 28% share. However, the data reveals that Meta saw an increase of share-of-wallet in early 2022, suggesting that they’re starting to recover from initial ATT headwinds. Snap lost 50% of their share-of-wallet and was impacted by both the current economic climate and ATT headwinds. However, while adoption declined three percentage points to 32.7%, it bounced back from 25.4% in the first quarter of 2022. Snap may recover its share-of-wallet in coming quarters as adoption growth can be seen as a leading indicator. TikTok pulled ahead of Snap for both advertiser adoption and share-of-wallet. However, TikTok’s advertiser adoption declined nearly seven percentage points to 43.2%. Their share-of-wallet remained steady at 3% suggesting that some advertisers are succeeding, while others are struggling to come to grips with the platform. iOS versions that enabled ATT reached mass adoption in June 2021, allowing the report to offer full comparative year-over-year analysis of its impact on mobile app advertisers. The Appsumer Benchmark Report data comes from a longitudinal study that looked at more than 100 North America and European consumer mobile apps with a median spend of $350,000 per month between the second quarter of 2021 and the second quarter of 2022. Assessments ensured that no single advertiser represented more than 20% of the dataset to avoid a single advertiser from dominating or skewing the results. For a copy of the Benchmark Report, visit here. For more information on Appsumer and its offerings, visit www.appsumer.io About Appsumer Appsumer, is a leading performance insights platform built for performance marketing teams at consumer mobile apps who want to accelerate user acquisition more effectively. Appsumer aggregates and normalizes cross-channel cost, attribution, revenue, and predictive data and visualizes it in an easy-to-use business intelligence (BI) tool for user acquisition (UA) teams. This gives marketers a single tool where they can make more effective optimization decisions and improve performance. Appsumer, part of InMobi, supports user acquisition teams at top-grossing consumer mobile apps worldwide including Lovoo, Miniclip, Trainline, and Picsart. For more information on Appsumer, visit www.appsumer.io

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