Medicx Health and MadHive Launch Programmatic OTT Solution for the Healthcare Industry

Medicx Health | January 20, 2022

Medicx Health today announced a partnership with MadHive, the enterprise software that powers modern media, to create a new privacy-compliant end-to-end OTT solution for the healthcare industry.

As consumers rapidly cut their cable cords, streaming TV is driving a shift in how, when and where audiences consume content. OTT advertising combines digital advertising's targeting capabilities with linear TV's broad reach and scale, providing advertisers the opportunity to reach incremental audiences across this fast-growing channel.

The new OTT offering combines Medicx' industry leading deep medical targeting expertise with MadHive's ability to reach audiences across the OTT universe. The result is a unified, integrated solution for audience planning, campaign forecasting, execution, and measurement that enables medical and pharma practitioners to reach patients in need with confidence and efficiency.

Frank Hicks, EVP of Product Strategy and Partnerships, stated "We are excited to offer clients an integrated ability to plan, execute and measure their OTT campaigns, combining the strength of MadHive's OTT programmatic software with Medicx' industry leading high performing healthcare audience segments and cloud-based measurement and analytics platform."

The partnership is already driving superior results in the market, achieving a 100% increase in patients reached through emerging OTT channels. This expanded access will provide end-to-end managed service for both Medicx and MadHive clients.

Adam Helfgott, CEO of MadHive stated, "The healthcare industry is ripe for innovation, yet it holds some of the strictest privacy and compliance standards in advertising. As cord cutting continues to accelerate, programmatic OTT allows advertisers to run targeted, precise campaigns to reach streaming viewers. MadHive designed our industry-leading OTT product to simplify programmatic advertising while providing transparency and privacy protection at every step. We are excited to partner with Medicx to set a new standard in medical advertising."

This partnership marks a paradigm shift in an industry looking for innovative solutions to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements and HIPAA compliance standards. By unifying two leaders in their respective fields, this combined offering is a quantum leap in innovation that lays the groundwork for the future of medical and pharma marketing.

About Medicx Health
Medicx Health provides commercialization of data and analytics software and services that enable pharmaceutical and healthcare brands to better profile, reach and engage with target audiences and maximize the value of marketing investments. 

About MadHive
MadHive is an enterprise software that powers modern media. MadHive's advertising suite provides tools for audience forecasting, precision targeting and activation, and cross-screen attribution against its proprietary OTT-first device graph. Customers include advertisers that leverage MadHive's next-generation cryptography to prevent fraud and increase margins and broadcast giants that leverage the platform to power their digital TV offerings.


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Full Circle Insights Introduces Microsoft Advertising (Bing) and Google Ad Support for Digital Source Tracker

Full Circle Insights | April 06, 2022

Full Circle Insights today announced that the company's popular Digital Source Tracker (DST) product now connects digital marketing costs from Microsoft Advertising to the client's customer relationship management (CRM) system. This enables digital marketers to see cost information from Microsoft Advertising and/or Google Ads as part of the DST's comprehensive view of the customer journey. The new release expands on the already robust reporting capability of DST for both digital and non-digital marketing attribution and funnel metrics. Taken together, these functionalities allow B2B marketers to track advertising impact on revenue and allocate spend to their most productive campaigns – all right inside the CRM. Microsoft Advertising is the second-most-popular advertising network after Google Ads. With Full Circle's integration of Microsoft Advertising into DST, B2B digital marketers can now report on their digital ad costs for Microsoft Search Network, including Bing and partner sites. This offers a richer perspective and clearer view of digital ad spending across multiple ad platforms. It also shows how these ads and costs contribute to digital responses and revenue, which is valuable information for anyone looking to stretch their marketing dollars to the fullest. Full Circle presents this new information in a way that's easy to access and understand. Digital marketers can now include the cost analysis for their Microsoft Advertising ads in Full Circle reports and dashboards that track items such as cost per lead, cost per marketing qualified lead and more. This functionality is now live with DST users able to set up the Bing integration, update reports and dashboards and take advantage of the new capability immediately. DST solves a persistent marketing attribution problem B2B marketers encounter: the inability to connect digital marketing touches to leads and opportunities inside the CRM. DST makes those connections visible. As a result, digital marketers can create more accurate marketing attribution models. Now that DST supports Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads, these attribution models are now even more precise. "Tracking costs across digital ad networks can be tricky, but this new Digital Source Tracker release simplifies it," said Bonnie Crater, President and CEO of Full Circle Insights. "Tracking costs across digital ad networks can be tricky, but this new Digital Source Tracker release simplifies it," said Bonnie Crater, President and CEO of Full Circle Insights. "The analysis takes place inside the CRM, so marketers can leverage reporting and dashboard tools that they and their sales colleagues are already familiar with, and also use the Full Circle Engagement, Cost, Effectiveness, and Revenue dashboards to make better decisions." About Full Circle Insights Full Circle Insights delivers marketing and sales performance measurement solutions to optimize a company's marketing mix and drive more revenue. The company offers multi-touch attribution, comprehensive funnel metrics and lead management technology. Built 100% on the Salesforce Platform, Full Circle Insights products complement leading marketing automation solutions. Founded by former Salesforce executives, CRM implementation veterans and marketing automation specialists, the Full Circle Insights industry pioneers are seasoned in creating marketing measurement foundations to grow revenue.

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Mobile Campaigns in India Deliver Stronger Results in H1 2021, According to IAS Media Quality Report

Integral Ad Science | October 19, 2021

Brand risk and ad fraud rates in India ranked below the global average Viewability on mobile environments increased in India MUMBAI, 19 October 2021: Today, Integral Ad Science (Nasdaq: IAS), a global leader in digital media quality, released its Media Quality Report (MQR) for H1 2021, providing transparency into the performance and quality of Indian digital media, alongside global comparisons. The latest MQR highlights brand safety, ad fraud, and viewability trends across display, video, mobile web, and in-app advertising. Mobile campaigns in India post lower brand risks than display Brand risk worldwide was lower across all formats and environments in H1 2021, an indicator of brands’ increased efforts to optimise ad placements toward contextually relevant content. The overall brand risk dropped below 4% across all formats and environments. In India, display was one of the safest environments for advertisers, with desktop display brand risk at 0.8%, down by 1.4 percentage points (pp). Mobile web display brand risk fell from 2.6% to 1.8%, while the worldwide average was 2.6%. Programmatic desktop and mobile web display inventory showed higher brand risk in India than publisher direct at 1.8% and 3.5%, respectively. This data suggests the market is actively using solutions to protect brand reputation and place its ads in suitable environments. Viewability on mobile environments increased in India Mobile campaigns in India had more viewable impressions in H1 2021. Viewability on mobile web display increased by 1 percentage point to 58.9% in H1 2021, while viewability on mobile in-app display increased from 51.3% to 54.1%. Global display viewability was down 2.4 percentage points on desktop and 3.3pp on mobile web year-over-year, reaching 69.5% and 64.3%, respectively. The worldwide reductions were driven by drops across Asia-Pacific, with India registering a 7.2 percentage point drop to post 54.9% viewability in desktop environments. In India, desktop and mobile display environments showed significantly higher viewability rates in programmatically traded inventory than publisher direct. Connected TV (CTV) remained the most viewable format overall, averaging 93.2% worldwide in H1 2021. Ad fraud rates decrease in desktop and mobile web display in India Both desktop and mobile web display had a marginal decrease in optimised ad fraud rates to reach 0.9% and 0.2%, respectively, in H1 2021. The worldwide non-optimised fraud rate for desktop display was 9.4% and 5.5% on mobile web display, clearly indicating that fraud mitigation strategies can reduce risks and reduce ad wastage. Saurabh Khattar, Commercial Lead India, IAS, said, “Mobile advertising has gained strong traction among Indian advertisers as consumers continue to spend more time engaging with content on mobile. According to a report by App Annie, average smartphone usage is about 4.6 hours a day in India, which stands third in global rankings after Indonesia and Brazil. As spending increases on mobile, media quality challenges may arise such as ad fraud, unsafe brand environments, and unviewable inventory. With the upcoming festival buying period, advertisers are well-advised to work with third-party verification companies to help protect their campaigns from ad fraud, brand risks, and lower viewability to maximise engagement and ROI”. About Integral Ad Science Integral Ad Science (IAS) is a global leader in digital media quality. IAS makes every impression count, ensuring that ads are viewable by real people in safe and suitable environments, activating contextual targeting, and driving supply path optimization. Our mission is to be the global benchmark for trust and transparency in digital media quality for the world’s leading brands, publishers, and platforms. We do this through data-driven technologies with actionable real-time signals and insight. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York, IAS works with thousands of top advertisers and premium publishers worldwide. For more information, visit

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Zype to Preview New Capabilities for OTT Apps Publishing, Analytics and Monetization at NAB Show

Zype | April 19, 2022

Zype, the leading video API and infrastructure platform, today announced that the company will be revealing new product innovations and integrations for OTT video publishers during this year’s NAB Show. Zype representatives will be in Las Vegas to showcase the new capabilities of the Zype Platform at the NAB Show from April 23rd to April 27th. With Zype, video publishers can distribute content worldwide to a network that is poised to grow exponentially with every new smart TV sold. Zype powers more than 1400 video apps and playout channels from a platform that reaches 30M monthly users and serves over 20B video API requests per month. Those interested in meeting with the Zype team at the show may submit a meeting request here. Over the past year, Zype has made significant investments to cater to audiences looking for top-tier, end-to-end video distribution solutions for the OTT market. Leading with cloud-based solutions for video content management and distribution, monetization, playout and app publishing, Zype enables content publishers to succeed in OTT video distribution whether they’re interested in launching FAST channels on digital linear distributors, or building automated streaming apps across web, mobile, tablet, and connected TV destinations. At the NAB Show, Zype will be premiering new capabilities of the Zype Platform including: Zype Apps Creator - Build and launch beautiful no-code apps for OTT streaming with the latest generation of Zype Apps Creator and expand video reach to new device ecosystems quickly and reliably New Features in Playout 2.0 - From live video insert capabilities, to advanced advertising tools, to its intuitive horizontal programming timeline, Zype’s 2021 NAB Product of the Year-winning Playout 2.0 incorporates must-have functionality into an intuitive interface to make playout distribution a breeze Advanced Advertising Capabilities - Zype’s latest integrations with partners like IRIS.TV and TripleLift enable customers to better monetize their videos and generate more revenue through better ad experiences for end-users including native in-program advertising opportunities and advertising that is contextually relevant to adjacent content Advanced Analytics Tools - Decipher first-party streaming data with Zype’s suite of analytics tools and that present a consolidated view across all publishing platforms with the ability to leverage add-ons for geo-analytics, quality of experience analytics, and data alerting capabilities Last week, Zype announced its acquisition by Backlight, a global media technology company composed of five innovative and fast-growing media software businesses whose cloud-based solutions dramatically improve every step of the media content lifecycle. At the NAB Show, Zype will be joined by three other Backlight businesses — ftrack, the creator of award-winning production tracking, interactive media review, and team collaboration platforms; iconik (booth #N1743), a cloud-native, SaaS media management solution that allows users to share files from any storage, collaborate on video, and enrich media with AI for high searchability; and Wildmoka, a leading platform for the creation of digital content from Sports, News and Entertainment. About Zype Zype provides infrastructure for digital video, with a cloud-based platform to manage and distribute enterprise-grade video across web, mobile, TV, and social media. Offering both developer-friendly tools such as customizable APIs as well as turnkey solutions for automated app publishing and playout, Zype's SaaS enables video creators, publishers or distributors to quickly build, launch and manage superior video products at scale. With a wide ecosystem of video connectors and technology partners and an award-winning support team, Zype's customers confidently increase reach, engagement and monetization by delivering premium entertainment experiences. Founded in 2014 and acquired by Backlight in 2021, Zype is a privately held company with more than 300 customers worldwide.

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J&L Selected for Volkswagen Service & Parts Digital Advertising Program

J&L Marketing, Volkswagen | May 02, 2022

J&L Marketing has been chosen for the certified Service & Parts Digital Advertising Program with Volkswagen of America as part of the Dealer Digital Program. This partnership will enable participating Volkswagen Dealers to use advanced digital marketing strategies to retain a higher level of customers along with attracting new customers to their service departments. As the only 2022 Google Premier Partner participating in the program, J&L Marketing offers the industry's most refined after-market digital marketing program that includes paid search, display and paid social advertising. As a Volkswagen Certified Service & Parts Digital Advertising Provider, J&L Marketing enables dealers to beat their competition by capturing more service appointments. J&L Marketing’s usage of data, landing page technology, and campaign management have proven to engage and convert more customers. “We are proud to be selected as a Certified VW provider. Dealers need a marketing partner that will do the hard work required to innovate and outperform their competitors,” said Jamil Zabaneh, President of J&L Marketing. “We are proud to be selected as a Certified VW provider. Dealers need a marketing partner that will do the hard work required to innovate and outperform their competitors,” said Jamil Zabaneh, President of J&L Marketing. One of the key features that will propel dealer’s success is J&L Marketing’s code injected landing pages. This technology enables service landing pages to load faster, convert better, and deliver exceptional results. J&L Marketing provides search, display, discovery and social advertising services in conjunction with several proprietary solutions developed for automotive service departments. Explore the full range of offerings on their website:

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Today's modern shopper wants consistent, positive experiences online, in-store, and everywhere in between. Increasingly, Millennials and Baby Boomers alike want to shop however is most convenient: research online and buy in-store, research in-store and buy online, “click and collect,” check in-store availability pre-visit, shop