Rakuten Advertising Expands Influencer Management Capabilities with Mavrck Partnership

Rakuten Advertising | June 30, 2022

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Rakuten Advertising is partnering with leading influencer marketing platform, Mavrck, to expand its influencer marketing services and create holistic program oversight, optimization and measurement for its affiliate advertisers. This partnership will seamlessly incorporate influencer marketing into Rakuten Advertising's managed affiliate campaign strategies and positions Rakuten Advertising to introduce a fully integrated self-service influencer solution.

Brands managing large-scale and targeted influencer campaigns with Rakuten Advertising will benefit from more sophisticated influencer discovery and curation, with streamlined onboarding, communication and reporting tools. A central dashboard will offer a complete view of their affiliate and influencer campaigns, empowering brands with a holistic vision of their full-funnel affiliate marketing strategy.   

"Influencers have become more essential than ever, as brands seek to drive consideration and purchase activity through their Affiliate Marketing strategies, Partnering with an industry leader like Mavrck expands and enhances our influencer management capabilities and empowers brands to achieve their goals from awareness to activation, while delivering breakthrough performance objectives and results."
-Jeff Wender, CRO, Rakuten Advertising.

The partnership with Mavrck is Rakuten Advertising's latest and most significant move towards delivering a differentiated suite of influencer marketing solutions that will create the integration, insight and control brands need to succeed. More than 5,000 marketing professionals at more than 500 global consumer brands rely on Mavrck's technology to more effectively access and manage relationships with content creators. Since 2014, Mavrck has activated more than 3 million creators and paid more than $200 million in incentives.

"Rakuten Advertising is a proven leader and innovator in the affiliate marketing industry, and we are excited to launch this partnership with them,  Affiliate marketing is a leading monetization strategy for creators, and by partnering with Rakuten, we can improve our offering while expanding our reach, diversifying our insights and advancing measurement and sales attribution. Together, we are strongly positioned to drive better business outcomes for both brands and creators with affiliate marketing."

-Lyle Stevens, CEO and Co-Founder of Mavrck.

About Rakuten Advertising-
Rakuten Advertising connects leading agencies, brands, and publishers to active and engaged consumers around the world. With access to Rakuten's diverse media properties and audiences, combined with an award-winning performance network and proprietary consumer research, Rakuten Advertising creates the right conditions to reach new customers and sustain long-lasting loyalty. Its foundation of advanced technology, data and strategic services positions Rakuten Advertising to offer a differentiated suite of marketing and advertising solutions while continually pushing the industry forward. It is a division of Rakuten Group, Inc. (4755: TOKYO), one of the world's leading Internet service companies. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices throughout EMEA, APAC, LATAM and North America. Learn more at

About Mavrck-
Mavrck is the all-in-one, advanced influencer marketing platform enabling global consumer brands to harness the power of social proof that consumers trust today. Marketers use Mavrck to discover and collaborate with influencers, advocates, referrers, and loyalists to create trusted content and insights for customer journey touchpoints at scale. Using its self-service influencer manager, Mavrck allows marketers to take an automated and performance-based approach to influencer marketing.


Video will remain the fastest growing segment of digital advertising. Cedato presents the key trends expected to impact this massive industry in the coming year.

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Upwave Announces Strategic Partnership with Kinetiq to Help Marketers Measure Impact of Sponsorship Advertising Dollars

Upwave | May 21, 2022

Upwave, the leading analytics platform for brand advertising, announced a new strategic partnership with Kinetiq, a leading TV intelligence platform. Through this collaboration, Upwave will layer its brand measurement data with Kinetiq’s TV intelligence data, providing real-time data and metrics around sponsorship investments. Kinetiq’s technology recognizes and measures the number of times, location and duration of brand sponsorship campaigns via the identification of logo placement. Upwave then verifies whether the sponsorship reached the brand-specific audience via Brand Reach, and measures the effects of these sponsorships on various Brand Outcomes KPIs, such as Awareness, Consideration and Purchase Intent. “Marketers want to be able to answer two questions about their brand investment: who did it reach, and did it work? Marketers–since the inception of brand sponsorships–have never had a deterministic way to measure their effectiveness. Together, Upwave and Kinetiq are changing the game, and taking sponsorship marketing from an art to a science.” Chris Kelly, CEO of Upwave Connecting large-scale branding sponsorship investments with audience sentiment hadn’t been possible until Upwave and Kinetiq’s new partnership. With the marrying of qualitative + quantitative data sets–marketers will have a unified solution to measure not only ad effectiveness but the effectiveness of sponsorship investments. For example, Kinetiq can identify a brand's logo on a sports jersey or on the field during a game, informing marketers how many times it was shown on screen, how long and where. Upwave can then layer its attitudinal data with those metrics to give a full picture of the effectiveness of sponsorship dollars. “Having partnered with the Upwave team in the past, most recently supporting the AD Council’s Covid Ad Campaign, we saw the immediate impact of combining our data set with Upwave’s sentiment data,” said Kevin Kohn, CEO of Kinetiq. “By extending this partnership to include sponsorship measurement, we provide our customers a whole new level of insights to measure their sponsorship investments. As we continue to expand our partnership, we see broader opportunities to take Upwave's analytics into earned and owned brand initiatives–providing the industry with qualitative and quantitative analytics across paid, earned and owned.” With this partnership, brands can now combine Kinetiq’s media metrics layered with Upwave’s deterministic brand impact data to uncover the true value of sponsorship campaigns on TV. About Upwave Upwave is a fast-growing analytics company providing ML-driven brand advertising measurement technology and intelligence, via a SaaS platform, to the world's leading brands, agencies, and media partners. The company is based in San Francisco and New York and backed by leading Silicon Valley venture capital investors. About Kinetiq Kinetiq pushes the boundaries of TV intelligence with the first and only unified, global platform to measure the complete spectrum of paid, earned and owned TV media with the speed and precision of digital. The Kinetiq platform empowers marketers, technology partners and content owners with TV audience metrics and analytics in real-time, providing the critical data and transparency needed to make informed decisions. Formed in 2019 with the merger of iQ Media and 4C’s Teletrax, Kinetiq is trusted by leading brands, agencies, broadcasters and ISVs, including Mercedes-Benz, Red Bull, Fox Broadcasting Company and Google.

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Matterkind Releases New Report Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Across Advertising

Matterkind | July 26, 2022

Matterkind, IPG’s activation intelligence company, today debuted a new report exploring how advertisers can embrace DEI to usher in a new era of responsible marketing and advertising. The report, titled “Diversity & Equity in Advertising: A Holistic Approach,” offers practical, actionable advice for brands wanting to put DEI at the heart of their marketing and communications. Backed by research conducted in partnership with international research consultancy MTM, Matterkind’s report aims to guide brands on their respective journeys in conscious marketing. The report found that over 50% of people think it’s important for advertisers to ensure they reach a diverse range of audiences – and this rises to 70% for people who are likely to engage with ads. Throughout the white paper, Matterkind emphasizes the importance of intentionally prioritizing DE&I efforts for advertisers, and what can be done to make meaningful improvements within current strategies. The findings are clear in that the consumer public at large has, in recent years, become more aware of discrimination and inequity for diverse groups resulting in an increased demand for advertisers to act. Matterkind complements its findings by laying out actionable and holistic strategies for integrating and prioritizing an organization’s DE&I efforts with their marketing strategy, creative, internal organization, and media planning and buying, to ensure that goals are achieved. Some additional key findings of the report explore how: Customers favor diverse advertisers 50% of customers agree that they are more likely to recommend a product or service if their advertisements are diverse and representative. 45% of customers feel that they are more likely to buy a product or service if its advertisements are diverse and representative. 44% of customers would not engage with a brand they felt was not taking diversity and representation seriously. 36% of customers have boycotted a brand because of issues with diversity and representation. Advertisers see DEI as a priority and are adapting their marketing approach More than 90% of the advertisers say that reducing bias and discrimination in marketing and advertising is now a priority. As it relates to marketing strategy, Matterkind anticipates a 23% increase in advertisers adopting strategies to address underrepresented groups over the next 3 years compared to the last 3 years. When considering adapting creative to ensure representation of different groups, there is an anticipated 5% increase in advertisers adopting strategies to address underrepresented groups over the next 3 years compared to the last 3 years. Advertisers anticipate addressing internal diversity will increase 11% over the next 3 years compared to the last 3 years. “Yesterday’s customer is not today’s customer, and it is mission critical that brands and advertisers do everything in their power to engage their audiences consciously, with relevance and respect. The best way to do that is by authentically investing and acting on impactful DE&I strategies, and what we’re seeing throughout both the report’s findings and general consumer behavior is that audiences are demanding representation and inclusion to be key brand priorities for advertisers. Matterkind’s goal is to help brands take actionable and meaningful steps in turning their DE&I goals into reality,” said Erica Schmidt, Global CEO of Matterkind. “The importance of ensuring that advertisements are reaching diverse audiences has never been more clear, as impactful ad campaigns have the potential to shape and address social issues. As consumers continue to demand that brands take a stand against inequity, brands must adapt a holistic DE&I program that ensures campaigns prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion across all stages of campaign development to authentically build their audiences and reach,” said Dr. Femi Olu-Lafe, SVP, Culture and Inclusion at Acxiom, Kinesso, and Matterkind. For more information or to download the report, please click here. Additional imagery is available upon request. About Matterkind Matterkind, IPG’s activation intelligence company, drives better business outcomes while putting the customer experience first. Through the lens of conscious marketing, they employ ethical data, through patented applications, to deliver addressable activation intelligence. Matterkind strengthens connectivity between brands and their audiences, through trusted partnership, excellence, and expertise. Matterkind is a part of Kinesso, the marketing technology unit of The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (IPG). For more information, visit

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Quantcast Launches Brand Advertising Solutions to Maximise the Impact of Every Marketing Dollar

Quantcast | June 18, 2022

Quantcast, a global advertising technology company, announced the launch of a suite of new solutions for digital marketers who demand more from their brand advertising. With these new products, marketers can seamlessly plan, activate, and measure video, native, and display brand campaigns across the web and on connected TV (CTV). Building on Quantcast’s widely adopted cookieless technology, marketers benefit from access to their entire audience, today. “As programmatic brand advertising has grown so has the complexity for marketers. Siloed systems and data detract from marketing intent, limit marketing innovation, and lack real-time, actionable feedback,” said Konrad Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Quantcast. “As programmatic brand advertising has grown so has the complexity for marketers. Siloed systems and data detract from marketing intent, limit marketing innovation, and lack real-time, actionable feedback,” said Konrad Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Quantcast. “We’re excited to introduce our streamlined take on integrated brand advertising, with automated optimisation and timely measurement of impact.” Now, with the Quantcast Platform, marketers can measure and optimise brand advertising as effectively as their direct response campaigns. These new easy-to-use solutions build on Quantcast’s leadership in data and machine learning to deliver planning against scalable audiences and premium inventory, hi-fidelity audience activation across screens, automated campaign optimisation, and comprehensive measurement of brand advertising’s impact on consumer preference and downstream business outcomes. “We were thrilled with the results that Quantcast delivered for Lancôme. Their brand solution was instrumental in engaging customers and prospects and driving awareness with different user groups,” said Yin Hong, senior product manager, Lancôme. “The results that they drove surpassed our targets and expectations, and demonstrated that programmatic advertising can really play a role within a brand campaign.” Introducing Brand Lift Live by QuantcastTM At the heart of this new product suite is Brand Lift Live, an integrated, real-time survey solution that enables marketers to optimise campaigns continuously against the brand awareness and consideration metrics that really matter, rather than limiting substitute metrics such as viewability and click-through rate (CTR). Within the Quantcast Platform, Brand Lift Live uses statistically controlled survey groups to measure the real-time impact of ads throughout a campaign, allowing for refinement of campaign audiences and delivery characteristics to maximise the impact of every marketing dollar. A new measurement approach for the open internet, Brand Lift Live complements traditional research methodologies similar to the way a fitness tracker complements an annual medical checkup. “We started with a simple question ‘how can we make brand budgets work harder?’ and since improvement requires measurement, that’s where we started,” said Peter Day, chief technology officer, Quantcast. “We found that practitioners relied on poor proxy metrics like viewability and CTR because assessing what they really care about - recall, awareness and consideration - in a timely and precise enough manner to support campaign optimisation was simply too hard. Brand Lift Live solves this problem.” The advantages of Brand Lift Live include: Actionable Campaign Data: View lift data in real-time and take action on campaigns in flight to adjust frequency, creative, messaging, and audience to maximise brand lift. Simple Setup: Brand Lift Live is easily configured alongside campaigns, allowing for the design, surveying and response capture without the need for any third-party integrations. Flexible Survey Options: Marketers can easily measure the impact of brand campaigns with multiple survey options that will best fit their campaign’s branding objectives. “Brand Lift Live helped to take our brand campaign learnings to the next level, by giving us real world insights that can be implemented quickly and effectively,” said Grace Bailey, senior marketing manager at Auto Trader. With these new capabilities, advertisers can use the Quantcast Platform to plan and validate custom audiences and discover compelling supply for their audiences across CTV, desktop, and mobile. Campaigns can be configured in minutes and the intuitive features greatly aid marketers in diagnosing issues to promote consistent performance and delivery. Alongside Brand Lift Live, additional platform insights examine the incremental reach of campaigns across web and CTV and the downstream contribution these brand activations deliver to performance campaigns and conversions.

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Davis Elen Advertising Wins Eight Telly Awards

Davis Elen Advertising, The Telly Awards | June 08, 2022

Creative Work for Toyota Wins Gold but the Agency Also Snags Silver and Bronze for Social Media and Celebrity Endorsement Campaigns The Telly Awards, honoring excellence in video and television across all screens, has announced this year’s winners, including eight wins for Davis Elen Advertising, one of the largest independently owned advertising agencies on the West Coast. “We are truly humbled, and we thank the Tellys for this gracious recognition. Moreover, we celebrate our many Davis Elen team members for contributing to this achievement, as it takes a small village to deliver such quality of work.” - David Moranville, Co-President, and Chief Creative Officer. “We are truly humbled, and we thank the Tellys for this gracious recognition. Moreover, we celebrate our many Davis Elen team members for contributing to this achievement, as it takes a small village to deliver such quality of work.” - David Moranville, Co-President, and Chief Creative Officer. Davis Elen is taking home Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards for work spanning across a diverse portfolio of creative for its prestigious roster of clients including Toyota, McDonald’s, Smart & Final, Lively and Alkaline 88®. This year’s eight awards mark 51 total Telly wins since 2015. Davis Elen Advertising 2022 Telly Awards Toyota Offer Card Theatre - Campaign WINNER: GOLD, BRANDED CONTENT - COMMERCIALS Toyota Offer Card Theatre “Forklift” WINNER: BRONZE BRANDED CONTENT - AUTOMOTIVE Toyota Offer Card Theatre “Conductor” WINNER: BRONZE, BRANDED CONTENT - AUTOMOTIVE Toyota Offer Card Theatre “Fortune Teller WINNER: BRONZE, BRANDED CONTENT - AUTOMOTIVE Smart & Final “What’s Inside” WINNER: SILVER, BRANDED CONTENT - SOCIAL Alkaline 88® “Shaqelicious” WINNER: SILVER, BRANDED CONTENT – CAMPAIGN: INFLUENCER/CELEBRITY McDonald’s “Coffee Fresh Start” WINNER: SILVER, BRANDED CONTENT - CAMPAIGN: PROMOTIONAL Lively® “Worlds Apart” WINNER: BRONZE, BRANDED CONTENT – HEALTH & SAFETY About The Telly Awards The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring video and television across all screens. Established in 1979, The Telly Awards receives over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents. Entrants are judged by The Telly Awards Judging Council—an industry body of over 200 leading experts including advertising agencies, production companies, and major television networks, reflective of the multi-screen industry The Telly Awards celebrates. Partners of The Telly Awards include NAB, Stash Media, Production Hub, and Independent Filmmaker Project. About Davis Elen Advertising Davis Elen is a full-service, independently owned advertising agency with $300 million in billings. Headquartered in downtown Los Angeles, it also has four satellite offices across the country. Since its inception in 1948, Davis Elen has remained focused on one guiding principle: Thinking that matters. The agency challenges itself with delivering change-making solutions for its prestigious roster of clients including Toyota, McDonald’s, Lively, Smart & Final, Dice, Zircon and PeaTos. Whether it’s brand-building strategies, creative services and/or media planning designed to deliver results, the Davis Elen approach leads with thinking that will cut through the clutter and separate its clients from the competition. For more information, visit

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Video will remain the fastest growing segment of digital advertising. Cedato presents the key trends expected to impact this massive industry in the coming year.