RD&X Network Launches ReBid World’s 1st Unified Marketing & Advertising AI Automation Platform for Marketers & Agencies

ReBid | May 11, 2022

ReBid is the world's 1st Unified Marketing and Advertising AI Automation platform which is ready for the cookieless world and uses proprietary AI based algorithms that leverages MadTech (MarTech + AdTech) to simplify digital marketing. ReBid has unified workflows, data harmonization and real-time automated reporting. This translates into an immediate saving of 40% on resources and leads to incremental Returns on Ad spends (ROAS) by over 30%.

ReBid’s multiple partner integrations across ads, marketing, data management and more provide an unprecedented reach of 98% of global digital media audiences.

ReBid has snapped up marquee clients across SEA, Middle East and the US driving 200% business growth since the start of the year.

"ReBid unifies, simplifies and scales every client's digital marketing and advertising efforts and also saves real dollars in the process while having significant impact on ROAS uptick. Our AI led cookieless approach and clear focus on 1st party data enrichment allows brands and marketers to build a single view of their customers as they future proof their digital marketing," 

Rajiv Dingra, Founder & CEO, RD&X Network

ReBid provides a host of benefits and features, including:

  • Access to ads activation and reporting capabilities across integrations like Search & Display (Google Ads), Social Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn Ads), Programmatic (Display Video 360 and many more), Ad servers (Campaign Manager 360), Analytics (Google Analytics) & more
  • Fully Automated and One click Reporting exportable in 20+ precreated reporting templates
  • CXO view dashboards with key insights across Channel, Creative, Device and Keyword Performance
  • Real Time monitoring of live campaigns KPI and Pacing status
  • Optimize live campaigns across 15 platforms in a single click
  • AI recommendations across bid, budgets, pacing and more across media plans and campaigns
  • Onboard 1st party data and convert to ID before activating it across top Programmatic Platforms
  • Access and analyze log level programmatic data and in house programmatic
  • Build and enrich single view of the customer journey across web and app users and automate entire marketing workflow

ReBid is an enterprise grade platform certified with highest global security and data compliance certifications like SOC2, ISO 27001 and GDPR.

ReBid also has a free to signup version for digital marketers to try out.

About RD&X Network
Founded by Rajiv Dingra in 2020 RD&X Network is a global marketing and advertising technology company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. It leverages MarTech, AdTech and Deep Tech to drive creative, media, data, and business transformation, helping global businesses become Real-time, Disruptive and thereby achieve eXponential growth.


Online marketing and internet advertising for businesses in the kitchen, interior design and construction industry. Want to get more leads and phone calls? Talk to us and let us do the work for you.

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Quantcast Launches Brand Advertising Solutions to Maximise the Impact of Every Marketing Dollar

Quantcast | June 18, 2022

Quantcast, a global advertising technology company, announced the launch of a suite of new solutions for digital marketers who demand more from their brand advertising. With these new products, marketers can seamlessly plan, activate, and measure video, native, and display brand campaigns across the web and on connected TV (CTV). Building on Quantcast’s widely adopted cookieless technology, marketers benefit from access to their entire audience, today. “As programmatic brand advertising has grown so has the complexity for marketers. Siloed systems and data detract from marketing intent, limit marketing innovation, and lack real-time, actionable feedback,” said Konrad Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Quantcast. “As programmatic brand advertising has grown so has the complexity for marketers. Siloed systems and data detract from marketing intent, limit marketing innovation, and lack real-time, actionable feedback,” said Konrad Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Quantcast. “We’re excited to introduce our streamlined take on integrated brand advertising, with automated optimisation and timely measurement of impact.” Now, with the Quantcast Platform, marketers can measure and optimise brand advertising as effectively as their direct response campaigns. These new easy-to-use solutions build on Quantcast’s leadership in data and machine learning to deliver planning against scalable audiences and premium inventory, hi-fidelity audience activation across screens, automated campaign optimisation, and comprehensive measurement of brand advertising’s impact on consumer preference and downstream business outcomes. “We were thrilled with the results that Quantcast delivered for Lancôme. Their brand solution was instrumental in engaging customers and prospects and driving awareness with different user groups,” said Yin Hong, senior product manager, Lancôme. “The results that they drove surpassed our targets and expectations, and demonstrated that programmatic advertising can really play a role within a brand campaign.” Introducing Brand Lift Live by QuantcastTM At the heart of this new product suite is Brand Lift Live, an integrated, real-time survey solution that enables marketers to optimise campaigns continuously against the brand awareness and consideration metrics that really matter, rather than limiting substitute metrics such as viewability and click-through rate (CTR). Within the Quantcast Platform, Brand Lift Live uses statistically controlled survey groups to measure the real-time impact of ads throughout a campaign, allowing for refinement of campaign audiences and delivery characteristics to maximise the impact of every marketing dollar. A new measurement approach for the open internet, Brand Lift Live complements traditional research methodologies similar to the way a fitness tracker complements an annual medical checkup. “We started with a simple question ‘how can we make brand budgets work harder?’ and since improvement requires measurement, that’s where we started,” said Peter Day, chief technology officer, Quantcast. “We found that practitioners relied on poor proxy metrics like viewability and CTR because assessing what they really care about - recall, awareness and consideration - in a timely and precise enough manner to support campaign optimisation was simply too hard. Brand Lift Live solves this problem.” The advantages of Brand Lift Live include: Actionable Campaign Data: View lift data in real-time and take action on campaigns in flight to adjust frequency, creative, messaging, and audience to maximise brand lift. Simple Setup: Brand Lift Live is easily configured alongside campaigns, allowing for the design, surveying and response capture without the need for any third-party integrations. Flexible Survey Options: Marketers can easily measure the impact of brand campaigns with multiple survey options that will best fit their campaign’s branding objectives. “Brand Lift Live helped to take our brand campaign learnings to the next level, by giving us real world insights that can be implemented quickly and effectively,” said Grace Bailey, senior marketing manager at Auto Trader. With these new capabilities, advertisers can use the Quantcast Platform to plan and validate custom audiences and discover compelling supply for their audiences across CTV, desktop, and mobile. Campaigns can be configured in minutes and the intuitive features greatly aid marketers in diagnosing issues to promote consistent performance and delivery. Alongside Brand Lift Live, additional platform insights examine the incremental reach of campaigns across web and CTV and the downstream contribution these brand activations deliver to performance campaigns and conversions.

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ICE Launches Multi-Faceted Global Brand and Advertising Campaign

Intercontinental Exchange | March 24, 2022

Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE), a leading global provider of data, technology and market infrastructure, today unveiled its global brand campaign, called “Make the Connection,” which further unifies ICE’s businesses under one broad theme. Elements of the campaign include contributions from a cast of influencers from varied walks of life, united around the powerful idea of making connections, something ICE has done in global markets since its founding in 2000. Buttressing the spot is behind-the-scenes storytelling and social media content bringing to life each part of ICE’s businesses, helping new audiences learn about the company and its global impact. As part of this effort, ICE has updated its branding across the organization, including the New York Stock Exchange, to highlight the cohesion and interconnectedness of the company’s network of technology driven solutions. “We founded our company two decades ago around the simple idea of making opaque processes transparent and analog workflows digital,” said Jeff Sprecher, Founder, Chair and CEO of ICE. “We founded our company two decades ago around the simple idea of making opaque processes transparent and analog workflows digital,” said Jeff Sprecher, Founder, Chair and CEO of ICE. “Those goals manifested themselves in many ways, with the end result of using data, technology and our expertise to connect people to opportunity. Our new campaign celebrates those connections.” The new campaign, part of ICE’s two-year “One Company, One Brand” initiative, is led by Stephanie Dobbs Brown, ICE’s Chief Marketing Officer, and created by Prosek Partners’ new strategic branding group, Prophecy by Prosek. “Over time, ICE’s imprint on global markets has become much broader than its formal name, Intercontinental Exchange, and the brand campaign positions ICE as continually evolving to support the complex needs of the customers we serve,” said Dobbs Brown. “We’re thrilled to tell the ICE story as one cohesive organization while reflecting the company’s longstanding commitment to evolving and uniting its businesses around technology and connectivity.” The cast of “Make the Connection” includes: Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, who aligns with ICE as a strategic consumer and user of data to create a competitive advantage for his teams -- something ICE’s customers do every day. Peter Tuchman and Rose Han, who harness data and technology to help customers create value in the equity markets, make connections that raise capital to change the world and help followers grow nest eggs at the same time. Thomas Healy, CEO of a NYSE-listed company, who deploys capital from his SPAC to usher in the global energy transition to tractor trailers. Egypt Sherrod, a change maker in the real estate space, who exemplifies the dream of homeownership, which ICE makes more efficient through automation and technology. Erin Ashley Simon, a pioneer in gaming, who succeeds by redefining the rules of the game, which ICE has done since its inception. Eduardo Cassol and Roberta Montibeller, the creators and crew of YouTube’s “Odd Life Crafting,” who achieve their ambition of living and working transparently, like ICE’s customers, by setting audacious -- some say “unattainable” -- goals and charting a course to get there. Nur Robertson, an up-and-coming musician and student of Long Island University’s Roc Nation School of Music, Sports and Entertainment. With special guest cameo appearances by YouTubers Mark Wiens and the Expedition Evans team (Brett and Jade Evans). The multi-faceted campaign, which includes a commercial shot on location around the world by cutting-edge director Ahn Vu, begins airing today on linear and digital platforms. Beyond the 60-second spot, ICE’s campaign allows people to learn more about its featured influencers through behind-the-scenes content, audio, out-of-home advertising and social media. About Intercontinental Exchange Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE) is a Fortune 500 company that designs, builds and operates digital networks to connect people to opportunity. We provide financial technology and data services across major asset classes that offer our customers access to mission-critical workflow tools that increase transparency and operational efficiencies. We operate exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange, and clearing houses that help people invest, raise capital and manage risk across multiple asset classes. Our comprehensive fixed income data services and execution capabilities provide information, analytics and platforms that help our customers capitalize on opportunities and operate more efficiently. At ICE Mortgage Technology, we are transforming and digitizing the U.S. residential mortgage process, from consumer engagement through loan registration. Together, we transform, streamline and automate industries to connect our customers to opportunity.

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Sam's Club Celebrates Big Game Ad Debut with Yard Line Membership Deal

Sams_Club | February 14, 2022

Sam's Club, which made its ad debut in football's biggest game of the year, is capping off its game day VIP campaign with a $8 membership deal that's redeemable in club from Feb. 14, 2022, through Feb. 17, 2022. The offer is available for new members and is based on where the football was placed at the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter of the game, just before the warehouse retailer's ad aired. The limited-time offer gives potential new members a $37 savings. "We work hard to win our members loyalty every day with the strategy to treat them like VIPs, which you see reflected in our game day ad," said Ciara Anfield, Chief Member Officer, Sam's Club. "Our participation in this year's game is giving us an opportunity to celebrate one of the many perks of being a Sam's Club member while opening the door to invite others to be part of the club with a membership offer that's hard to pass up." Sam's Club's game day social media activation included more than $245,000 in VIP-worthy prizes, including a $25,000 shopping spree at Sam's Club; a luxury vehicle via the Sam's Club Auto Buying Program powered by TrueCar; fuel for 50 years** at Sam's Club's Fuel Stations; and a $50,000 VIP trip through Sam's Club's Travel and Entertainment Services. Each VIP prize package was accompanied by a Plus membership to Sam's Club for 50 years. Visit the Sam's Club newsroom for additional information. About Sam's Club Sam's Club®, a division of Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT), is a leading membership warehouse club offering superior products, savings and services to millions of members in nearly 600 clubs in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Now in its 39th year, Sam's Club continues to redefine warehouse shopping with its highly curated assortment of high-quality fresh food and Member's Mark items, in addition to market leading technologies and services like Scan & Go, Curbside Pickup and home delivery service in select markets. To learn more about Sam's Club, visit the Sam's Club Newsroom, shop at, and interact with Sam's Club on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

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Perion’s Search Advertising Business Unit, CodeFuel, Wins Microsoft Advertising’s Supply Partner of the Year Award

Perion | February 11, 2022

Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI), a global advertising technology company, announced today that its search advertising business unit, CodeFuel, has been named Microsoft Advertising’s 2021 Supply Partner of the Year EMEA. This prestigious award goes to the business that has shown excellence in partnership with Microsoft Advertising across all areas of collaboration. This recognition is based on key partnership results that include engagement, revenue growth, feature adoption in Search and Native, and the scale of joint activities. “With a partnership with Microsoft that is more than a decade old, the recognition of being named Microsoft’s Advertising Partner of the Year is the culmination of our work together thus far, and we believe it is just the beginning,” said Doron Gerstel, Perion’s CEO. “The pandemic saw an unprecedented explosion in the eCommerce sector, the equivalent of years of growth,” Gerstel added. “As a result, advertisers allocated more of their budget to the search category, where consumers express their highest level of purchase intent, which makes our partnership with Microsoft Advertising even more strategic. Together, we remain committed to building our publisher network while maintaining the impeccable quality standards which matter so much to both of us.” “Microsoft Advertising is delighted to show our appreciation and acknowledge the well-deserved recognition for CodeFuel, a Perion Company, with the Supply Partner of the Year EMEA Award. Our partners are critical to our business and it's a privilege to recognize those who lead with a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and inclusive behavior.” “Our partners have displayed a strong commitment to their clients, and to their communities during a time of uncertainty and disruption,” said Sean O’Connor, International Marketing Director at Microsoft Advertising. “The award theme ‘Together we are limitless’ truly reflects the spirit of how we worked together with Microsoft Advertising to achieve fantastic growth results year over year. We accomplished this through ongoing technology investments and a relentless focus on quality,” said Tal Jacobson, General Manager, CodeFuel. “The close collaboration between the teams has enabled us to introduce new features in our search technology suite and expand our network of publishers globally. We look forward to expanding the category through continued collaboration and further driving success for publishers and advertisers,” added Jacobson. About Perion Network Ltd. Perion is a global technology company that delivers strategic business solutions that enable brands and advertisers to efficiently “Capture and Convince” users across multiple platforms and channels, including interactive connected television – or iCTV. Perion achieves this through its Synchronized Digital Branding capabilities, which are focused on high impact creative; content monetization; its branded search network, in partnership with Microsoft Bing; and social media management that orchestrates and optimizes paid advertising. This diversification positions Perion for growth as budgets shift across categories.

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Online marketing and internet advertising for businesses in the kitchen, interior design and construction industry. Want to get more leads and phone calls? Talk to us and let us do the work for you.