Snapchat unveils dynamic ads service for travel advertisers

Snapchat | June 06, 2022

Dynamic Ads Service
Snapchat has launched its Dynamic Travel Ads product to help brands create different ads according to their products and services.

The social media platform says it will serve the most relevant ads to "Snapchatters" interested in travel, whom it claims are 37% more likely to book travel after seeing an advertisement.

Snapchat says the ads have a number of unique benefits for travel advertisers including targeting according to a Snapchatter's interest in travel and locally relevant campaign delivery using the company's visitation data.

The company says Etihad reduced the cost per flight search fourfold using the dynamic ads product and achieved "a 307% increase in ROAS (return on advertising spend) as well as a 76% decrease in cost per purchase compared to their non-dynamic campaigns."

Phil Dodwell, marketing media lead for Etihad, says the airline was able to "maximize relevance by matching customers to specific destinations, dramatically improving performance metrics across the booking funnel in the process."

Phil Dodwell, marketing media lead for Etihad, says the airline was able to "maximize relevance by matching customers to specific destinations, dramatically improving performance metrics across the booking funnel in the process."

He adds: "The prospecting solution in particular is currently the best-in-class catalog solution for dynamic travel ads on social, and we are extremely pleased with the results we have been able to achieve. We look forward to building on this approach in Q2 and beyond.”

Meanwhile, also reduced its advertising costs by using images from its product catalog to present locally relevant listings to the audience based on previously viewed products.

Sharon Silverstein, head of U.S. verticals at Snap Inc, says, "Snapchatters are a particularly salient audience for the industry, with many eager and more likely to travel than users of other platforms."

The company says 76% of Snapchatters are making plans or have already returned pre-pandemic travel behavior.

It adds that the platform has more than 600 million monthly active users and 332 million daily active users.

Many travel brands are experimenting with social platforms with their millions of users as a way to extend reach and boost engagement beyond more traditional marketing channels.

In addition, a number of travel brands have made their own media moves recently with Marriott, for example, launching a media network in partnership with Yahoo that enables other advertisers to target its audience.

Initially, brands will be able to target Marriott customers via the hotel company's website and mobile application expanding to in-room television screens and its Bonvoy loyalty program later.


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Viamedia Selected as Long-Term Ad Rep by HolstonConnect, Powered by MobiTV

Viamedia | September 20, 2022

Viamedia, the leading fully-integrated independent cross-media local advertising company, today announced a long-term partnership with HolstonConnect, a wholly owned, not-for-profit subsidiary of Holston Electric Cooperative. Viamedia’s technology uniquely allows the operator to seamlessly integrate local ads using Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) tools into the MobiTV streaming platform and expands Viamedia’s ad sales representation into Knoxville and the Tri-Cities region, adding to its growing national footprint. “Viamedia has always been at the forefront of innovation, delivering advanced solutions that make advertising simpler, more effective, and more profitable. Selecting Viamedia to represent our ad sales was an easy decision,” said James Sandlin, General Manager at HolstonConnect. “With Viamedia’s undivided support, our advertisers, businesses and communities have the solutions they need to ensure success, at a time when it’s never been more critical.” “Holston is essential to residents and businesses throughout Tennessee,” said David Solomon, Viamedia’s president and CEO. “Holston is essential to residents and businesses throughout Tennessee,” said David Solomon, Viamedia’s president and CEO. “The company represented a unique challenge and special opportunity. With Viamedia’s innovative, cross-media advertising technology and sales representative team, Holston can not only increase revenues, but also integrate fully with MobiTV. We hope Holston’s success will become a roadmap for other operators looking to maximize local ad sales. Especially on the MobiTV platform.” HolstonConnect is a not-for-profit, East Tennessee broadband fiber network provider offering high-speed Internet, TV, and phone services. Headquartered in Rogersville, Tennessee, Holston continues to deliver the most popular content, advanced services and new solutions to its customers in Knoxville and the Tri-Cities region. The expanded partnership reinforces Viamedia’s national footprint. Today, the company manages sales and operations for more than 60 cable companies across 69 of the nation’s top designated market areas (DMAs), bringing invaluable opportunities for advertisers to reach local audiences in markets across the country. About Viamedia Viamedia places over 1MM ads a day in more than 130 zones in 28 states across 60+ markets nationwide, aggregating all forms of TV audiences and providing a single point of sale to more than 6,000 local, regional, and national advertisers. It provides a comprehensive portfolio of audience and impression-based local video cross-media advertising solutions that bridge the gap between linear TV and digital programmatic advertising. Viamedia’s patented, cloud based QTTTM platform utilizes a proprietary technology stack and is designed to enable ad campaigns to be more efficient and easier to execute, by utilizing rich data to deliver targeted, dynamic ads to consumers via linear television. Viamedia also offers a complimentary suite of impression-based digital products for streaming, mobile, display, email, search, social and more. Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, the company’s success is built on its people, processes and proprietary software. For more information, please visit About Holston Holston Electric Cooperative is a member-owned, not-for-profit distributor of TVA power that provides safe, reliable and affordable energy to more than 30,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Hawkins and Hamblen counties. Visit to learn more.

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Phonexa Wins 2 Telly Awards for Ad Campaign

Phonexa | July 12, 2022

Marketing automation platform Phonexa has garnered additional prestigious honors in recognition of its digital ad series "The Unofficial History of Innovation" by winning two Gold Telly Awards. One award is a People's Telly for Online Commercials, and the other is for Business-to-Business, Online Commercials. Phonexa's award-winning ad series consists of three episodes – "The Startup," "The Telephone," and "The Internet" – with each episode reenacting groundbreaking moments in technological advancement with humorous reactions from people of yesteryear. The Gold Telly Awards comes on the heels of Phonexa winning a 2022 Communicator Award of Distinction for Video Commercials, in addition to winning an NYX Marcom Award, three TITAN Business Awards, nine Vega Digital Awards, and a Silver Davey Award for the "Campaign & Series: Comedy" category. Phonexa's ad campaign has also been recognized by winning a trio of w3 awards across the Branded Entertainment categories of B2B, Commercials, and Comedy. "Being recognized with two Gold Telly Awards reflects the comradery and determination that drives the Phonexa team to create content that appeals to viewers from all walks of life, We always strive to hone our craft, and every award we earn from well-respected organizations within our industry serves as validation for our digital marketing efforts." -Armen Karaoghlanian, Chief Marketing Officer of Phonexa. The Telly Awards honor excellence in local, regional, and cable television commercials, in addition to recognizing non-broadcast video and television programming. This recognition acknowledges work from world-renowned advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, and publishers created on the behalf of a client, for a specific brand and/or company, or self-directed as a creative endeavor. About Phonexa: Phonexa is an all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more. The software company powers direct advertisers and lead generators alike across all businesses and industries by optimizing inbound web and call campaigns, and outbound call, email, and SMS campaigns — all while having the ability to enhance the consumer journey along every step of the way. Complete with a suite of turnkey marketing products and solutions, Phonexa's customizable tools are uniquely designed to maximize workflow efficiency and revenue. Phonexa has the scalability, tools, and partnerships to serve clients across industries, especially those with high consumer demand products and services. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles with additional offices in the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

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MGID and G/O Media Announce Exclusive Multi-Year Partnership

MGID, G/O Media | July 27, 2022

MGID, a global advertising platform, has today announced an exclusive multi-year agreement with premium digital publishing power-house G/O Media. The partnership will see considerable value-creation, leveraging MGID’s multi-format premium demand, brand-safety solutions, and award-winning technology. This landmark deal signifies and further reaffirms MGID’s commitment to better advertising solutions. By applying MGID’s Contextual Intelligence© audience segmentation offering to its growing slate of premium publishers, advertisers will see stronger ROAS in a brand safe environment. MGID’s global supply already includes premium publishers such as Microsoft, News Week, Real Clear Politics, Italia Online, Times of India, and many more. "We are confident the partnership will provide further growth and strengthen market presence for our mission-focused companies,' said Michael Korsunsky, CEO North America at MGID. “Today’s complex adtech environment calls for a collaborative approach beyond simple financial exchange. Understanding and supporting long term strategic partner objectives while providing sustainable and scalable solutions to achieve and secure incremental gains is crucial in forming successful and meaningful partnerships. MGID is delighted with the opportunity and proud to enter into an alliance with G/O Media. We are confident the partnership will provide further growth and strengthen market presence for our mission-focused companies,” said Michael Korsunsky, CEO North America at MGID. G/O Media’s Chief Technology Officer, Michael Dugan, said: “We are hugely proud of the premium portfolio of brands under the G/O Media umbrella, and the quality of content and product we deliver to our audiences. With a focus on independent, thought-leading journalism as well as consumer experience and performance, it is critical that our digital advertising partners align with those shared values – and MGID checks all of those boxes.” About MGID MGID is a global advertising platform helping brands reach unique local audiences at scale. It uses privacy-first, AI-based technology to serve high-quality, relevant ads in brand-safe environments. The company offers a variety of ad formats, including native, display and video to deliver a positive user experience. This enables advertisers to drive performance and awareness, and publishers to retain and monetize their audiences. Every month, MGID reaches 900 million unique readers, with 200 billion ad impressions, across 25 thousand trusted publishers. For more information, please visit: About G/O Media G/O Media reaches more than one in five of all Americans online each month with over 95 million unique visitors. This collection of digital-first brands serves a young, diverse audience with content that reflects their shared values and passions, including category-leading sites focused on tech and science (Gizmodo); pop culture and entertainment (The A.V. Club); sports news (Deadspin); car culture (Jalopnik); modern women’s interests (Jezebel); gaming (Kotaku); lifestyle (Lifehacker); food and drink (The Takeout); African American news and culture (The Root); business (Quartz); humor and satire news (The Onion); and e-commerce (The Inventory).

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Global Social Media Ad Spend Jumps 19% Year-over-Year

Emplifi | August 05, 2022

Emplifi, the leading unified customer experience platform, revealed the findings of its Q2 2022 analysis of social media spend across thousands of brands worldwide. The report findings highlight a rebound in median monthly global ad spend compared to the same period last year, a decrease in the median monthly click-through rate (CTR), a slight uptick in median monthly cost-per-click (CPC), and steady engagement on Facebook and Instagram. The data also shows a slight decrease in brands’ response rate to customers who ask questions on social media. Brands increase investment in paid social media After seeing a notable post-holiday drop in Q1 2022, median global monthly ad spend among brands rebounded by 18% in Q2 2022, climbing back above USD 4,200 – a figure close to the year-high level that was seen in Q4 2021. With this quarter's rebound, median monthly ad spend has increased 19% YoY, suggesting that brands are allocating more budget to reach their target audiences via paid social. Click-through rate (CTR) continues to decline Emplifi data shows that median monthly CTR has been steadily decreasing over time, dipping below the 1% mark in Q1 2022. This past quarter tells a similar story, with CTR lowering to 0.93%, signaling a 11% drop YoY. Despite this decrease, businesses can continue to depend on social media advertising to return value, as engagement remains fairly stable when consumers interact with paid social posts. Median cost-per-click (CPC) remains stable While CTR has steadily decreased, Emplifi data shows that CPC remains relatively stable despite some fluctuations in recent quarters, hitting $0.20 in Q2 2022. With average CPC rebounding this quarter after seeing a drop at the beginning of the year, it will be interesting to see whether this is a quarterly fluctuation or the start of an upward trend. Instagram still dominant in engagement After seeing a steady decrease since Q2 2021, median Facebook post interactions saw a slight bump quarter-over-quarter, reaching their highest level since Q3 2021. However, Q2 2022 levels remain notably lower than Q2 2021, with brands generating approximately 5.2 interactions per 1K impressions on Facebook, a 15% decrease year-over-year. When it comes to industries, the strongest performers for engagement on Facebook were brands in the Industrial (9.79) and Accommodation (9.04) sectors, while the lowest performers were Ecommerce (2.80), Retail (3.64), and Fashion (3.90). Instagram continues to show much stronger engagement than Facebook, with about 32 interactions per 1K impressions in Q2 2022, which is on par with what has been seen across the past year. Brands in the Beverages (47.37), Alcohol (46.83), and Software (45.11) sectors saw the highest levels of engagement, with Retail (17.71), Telecom (21.58), and Ecommerce (22.81) brands lagging. TikTok versus Instagram In an analysis of sister TikTok and Instagram accounts across 330 brands from January-June 2022, Emplifi data shows that brands post more often on Instagram (68%) than on TikTok (32%) in relative posting frequency. While reach and interactions were higher on Instagram, video content had greater engagement on TikTok. Either way, both platforms have shown an upward trend over six months in terms of engagement rate, peaking in June 2022, reconfirming user interest for engaging video content. “Brands need to connect with their audiences where they are and social media is an integral part of the marketing mix,” said Emplifi CMO, Zarnaz Arlia. “Brands need to connect with their audiences where they are and social media is an integral part of the marketing mix,” said Emplifi CMO, Zarnaz Arlia. “It’s no secret that TikTok's surge in popularity is continuing – we’ve found that brands post more often on Instagram than TikTok, and video content has higher engagement on TikTok. It will be interesting to see how this trends in the months ahead. What is certain though is that in today’s world, having and maintaining a solid presence on both TikTok and Instagram is essential.” Twitter shows the fastest response times to questions Emplifi data shows that median response rates for brands answering questions on Facebook and Instagram decreased slightly in Q2 2022. On Twitter, after some mild fluctuations, response rates have returned to a similar level from the same time last year. When looking at engagement by industry, Beauty, FMCG Food, and Home & Living brands had comparatively higher response rates to user questions on social, while Automotive brands had lower response rates across all three social media platforms. In terms of the time it took for brands to respond to questions, Instagram and Twitter saw slight bumps quarter-over-quarter, while Facebook saw a decrease for the second straight quarter. Examining the data by industry, some brands have the slowest response times on Facebook (alcohol, beauty, FMCG food, home & living, service), while for other brands, it's on Instagram (automotive, ecommerce, electronics, fashion, retail). However, except for one industry (FMCG food), Twitter typically sees the fastest response times among the three networks examined. Methodology Emplifi's analysis is based on Q2 2022 data and year-on-year comparisons downloaded at the beginning of July 2022. About Emplifi Emplifi is the leading unified CX platform that brings marketing, commerce, and care together to help businesses close the customer experience gap. More than 7,000 brands, including Delta Air Lines, Ford Motor Company, and McDonald's, rely on Emplifi to provide their customers with outstanding experiences at every touchpoint. For more information, visit

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