Social Media Trends Around the US - Latest Analysis from Falcon | November 05, 2020, a Cision organization, distributed another report revealing how the general population is burning-through and drawing in with election information via web-based media. The extraordinary component article is the most recent investigation to be distributed for Cision's 2020 State of the Election blog arrangement, a week by week fair media examination of the U.S. official election.

"The U.S. presidential election has been polarizing not just for the American public, but for people around the world, which is why believed it was important to share our insights," said Daniel Grant, Director of Growth Marketing at "With thousands of news stories and social media mentions published every day, it was interesting to use our own tools to take a deep look at what content seems to be resonating most with the public."

All information was ordered and broke down utilizing Falcon Listen, a web-based media listening instrument that draws experiences from millions of online media presents on assist brands with following patterns and comprehend brand perception Using Falcon Listen, checked Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for mentions of catchphrases around the US election from October fifth to October 30th to catch crowd supposition, track well known hashtags, and find rising patterns in crowd conversations.

Key report findings include:

COVID-19 garnered the greatest number of mentions in the last 30 days with 2.35M social media mentions.
Mentions of "jobs", "Joe Biden", "recession", "stock market", "Donald Trump" and "taxes" were some of the most used phrases in social mentions.
Mentions of "Greta Thunberg" and "teen climate change activist" received 11K mentions in conversations about climate change and the election.
The "Supreme Court" mentions followed "COVID-19" mentions with over 2.12M.

To measure whether feelings of social mentions were good, antagonistic or impartial, Falcon likewise utilized Falcon Listen to survey the emotional effect of individuals around every theme. When taking a gander at mentions of the Supreme Court, the group found that mentions about Kamala Harris and the Supreme Court and Joe Biden and the Supreme Court showed a higher pace of negative feeling when contrasted with mentions of the Supreme Court and President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

About offers an integrated SaaS platform for social media listening, engaging, publishing, advertising, analytics and benchmarking. The company enables its clients to explore the full potential of digital marketing by managing multiple customer touchpoints from one platform. Its client portfolio includes Carlsberg, Toyota, William Grant & Sons, Momondo, Panasonic and Coca-Cola.

About Cision
Cision is a leading global provider of earned media software and wire distribution services to public relations and marketing communications professionals. Cision's software allows users to identify key influencers, craft and distribute strategic content, and measure meaningful impact. Cision has over 4,800 employees with offices in 24 countries throughout the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.


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AiAdvertising Campaign Performance Platform Helps Drive Results for Act! Software

Act!, AiAdvertising | November 14, 2022

AiAdvertising, Inc. (OTC: AIAD), a next-generation AdTech company focused on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to build software for today’s marketing leaders, today announced its early success in helping drive the expansion stage of the Act! CRM and Marketing Automation Platform. Together they are pushing the envelope on what is possible in digital advertising and marketing by embracing AI to advance audience creation and persona-driven targeting with AI-informed models that are delivering real result. “Every company, and certainly every marketer, is seeking growth,” said Act! CMO Steve Martin. “Every company, and certainly every marketer, is seeking growth,” said Act! CMO Steve Martin. “With AiAdvertising, we have found an innovative partner who enables our growth ambitions with next-generation AI/ML-enabled AdTech via their Campaign Performance Platform. As Act! pursues its growth goals, we’re excited to be partnering with an innovative leader in persona-driven digital advertising and marketing,” added Martin. “AiAdvertising continues to advance our efforts with AI-informed models that are delivering real returns for us.” “We have achieved immediate and consistent results with AiAdvertising. These programs have contributed significantly to our lead volume and at a lower cost per lead. This has led directly to thousands of new prospects being introduced to the upgraded Act! product portfolio. AiAdvertising has fundamentally changed the way we target our promotions and has proven that persona-driven campaigns are not only more effective, but also lower our cost to acquire new customers. It’s a win/win,” concluded Martin. “Act! is yet another successful example of how we are becoming the platform of choice for performance driven CMO’s. We provide an end-to-end solution which harnesses the power of AI and provides full transparency of what is working, what is not, and what to do next,” said AIAD CEO Jerry Hug. “Consistent with their roots, and to their credit, they are innovators and early adopters, and we are looking forward to helping them achieve their ambitious growth goals,” Hug added. About Act! Act! is the leading CRM and Marketing Automation platform that empowers small and midsize businesses to market better, sell more, and create customers for life. For more information about Act! Please visit About AiAdvertising AiAdvertising, Inc. (OTC: AIAD) is a next-generation AdTech company that is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to build software for today’s marketing leaders. We are focused on eliminating waste and maximizing the return on digital ad spend. Our flagship product, the Campaign Performance Platform, is a subscription-based, end-to-end Ad Management solution. The platform empowers brands and agencies to easily target, predict, create, scale, and measure hyper-personalized campaigns. For more information about the Company, please visit or our LinkedIn or Twitter pages.

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MobileFuse Unveils Latest SDK and Mediation Adapters, Provides New Premium Inventory and Advertising Solutions to Publishers and Advertisers

MobileFuse | December 16, 2022

MobileFuse, one of the largest in-app, CTV, and DOOH advertising platforms, today unveiled its latest mobile SDK, mediation adapters, and proprietary video player. These solutions reduce friction and enable all mobile app publishers and mediation platforms to access MobileFuse's premium inventory and secure more revenue. The MobileFuse SDK and mediation adapters showcase the company's commitment to providing publishers and advertisers with innovative tools that drive results. Current publishing partners successfully implemented the new SDK in minutes, and saw fill rates more than double. Additionally their eCPMs grew by 20% or more over similar placements not utilizing an SDK. These results occurred whether a publisher managed their own ad waterfall, or used a major mediation platform. With the SDK, app publishers can now access: duoBid: Allows advertisers to run video ads in previously slated, larger static banner inventory, enabling them to have additional access to video scale at a lower cost. Additionally, since duoBid selects the best performing ad regardless of whether it is static or video, publishers secure higher CPMs and maximize revenue opportunities. Proprietary Video Player: Offers a state-of-the art video player, specifically designed for in-app mobile experiences. It comes equipped with full VAST capabilities, ensuring publishers will not need to support their own video player for ads moving through MobileFuse, tapping into new ways to monetize and drive revenue. Rich Media Support: Supports the latest version of MRAID, ensuring the best user experience for interactive and dynamic ads. Lightweight: Delivers industry leading performance; MobileFuse's SDK adds under 1 MB of weight to an app. This is significantly below the average weight of a typical mobile SDK. Bleeding Edge Technology: In addition to MRAID and duoBid capabilities, the MobileFuse SDK supports the latest and greatest mobile technologies, such as OMSDK and VAST. This ensures users have the best performance and insights possible. "MobileFuse's SDK, integrated through a AppLovin MAX Custom Adapter, has yielded immediate success for our app. The SDK is generating higher fill rates, eCPM, CTR, and five times more revenue on a similar amount of bid requests than our oRTB connection," said Amy Nicole Hernandez, CFO & VP Business Operations at TextMe. "The implementation process was easy, and their team was responsive and always willing to help along the way." MobileFuse's proprietary video player is exclusively available through the SDK, however the company's mediation adapters simplify the process of integrating with leading mediation platforms. "We're driving innovation, and are at the forefront of bringing new inventory options to publishers and advertisers alike. Additionally, our SDK and mediation adapters set a new industry standard for ease of integration and performance," said Ken Harlan, founder and CEO of MobileFuse. "We are proud to address the evolving needs of our customers, and to remain vigilant around consumer privacy." About MobileFuse MobileFuse is one of the largest in-app advertising and CTV platforms. The company serves leading brands, agencies, bidders, and app developers across a variety of verticals. MobileFuse empowers its clients by reaching highly curated and receptive audiences via unique solutions combining moments-based targeting, patented location verification, custom creative, and data-driven insights across a large location-based in-app and CTV exchange. Founded in 2009, MobileFuse is headquartered in New York City and has offices throughout the U.S. In 2022, the company achieved carbon negative status.

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Proxima Releases Survey That Shows Where Advertisers Are Placing Their Bets For 2023

Proxima | November 16, 2022

Despite disappointing Q3 earnings for major ad platforms, a recent survey from data science company, Proxima, shows that marketers remain committed to ad platforms, even after a year of chaos and low satisfaction rates. While investors are scrutinizing the valuations of these platforms, the majority of consumer brands remain committed to digital advertising, both old and new channels, while seeking new ways to improve customer targeting. Approximately 80% of respondents report plans to maintain or increase their digital marketing budgets, including their spend on social media platforms, over the next quarter. With 40% of respondents reporting a negative impact on marketing effectiveness from Apple’s privacy changes, nearly 100% invested in at least one way to enhance performance including the use of attribution software, third-party data solutions, partnering with like-minded brands or investing more in creative development. Proxima surveyed more than 150 consumer retail brands to gauge how the changes in digital advertising over the past year have impacted their advertising budgets, overall effectiveness and future plans. Roughly half the respondents noted their top two challenges to marketing effectiveness have been “limited budgets” and “difficulty reaching their target customer,” with a disproportionate impact felt by smaller brands. “The combination of Apple’s new privacy policy, the economic environment and continuing supply chain issues have made 2022 one of the most chaotic years for consumer retail advertisers,” said Alex Song, CEO and founder of Proxima. “The combination of Apple’s new privacy policy, the economic environment and continuing supply chain issues have made 2022 one of the most chaotic years for consumer retail advertisers,” said Alex Song, CEO and founder of Proxima. “However, marketers are not walking away from these platforms and our data suggests that many brands are in fact finding innovation in the chaos and are prepared to embrace the upheaval moving forward.” Additional survey findings include: 75% of companies remain committed to industry leader, Facebook, despite roughly 60% reporting being neutral or dissatisfied with the ad platform. The marketing leaders surveyed show the greatest optimism for Google, with 85% of respondents planning to either increase or maintain their Google spend, suggesting brands are seeing dependable results in paid search. Advertisers may still be willing to experiment with platforms like TikTok that are growing in popularity but still maturing in their ability to deliver for advertisers. Roughly 43% of companies surveyed plan on increasing their TikTok spend, despite TikTok showing some of the lowest satisfaction scores, with 46% reporting dissatisfaction with the platform. Brands addressing targeting challenges head on are making progress. Just over 30% of participants report using third-party data solutions to increase marketing effectiveness, with 60% finding improved targeting and increased return on advertising spend (ROAS). As marketers look to 2023, they are identifying new ways to increase advertising effectiveness through partnership marketing, investing in creative and implementing third-party solutions. “Proxima is the key to customer acquisition after Apple’s privacy shake-up,” said Randall Stainton, Director of Growth, Finn. “They’ve been instrumental in improving advertising efficiency and helping us find new customers to grow our business.” About Proxima Proxima uniquely leverages a proprietary database of anonymized consumer data to help brands better reach the right consumers across all major platforms. Proxima is platform agnostic and delivers a return on advertising spend that’s on average 40% more efficient than standard campaigns. Some of Proxima’s customers include KISS, Apt2B, Kindra, Act + Acre Haircare, Gobble and more.

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Audiencerate and Equativ partner to deliver market-leading addressable advertising

Audiencerate, Equativ | December 02, 2022

Audiencerate, the identity hub enabling data-driven advertising, today announced a partnership with Equativ, a leading independent ad monetisation and curation platform. The partnership enables buy-side clients and data owners to harness the combined power of data targeting and premium cross-publisher inventory to deliver tailored addressable advertising. By activating Audiencerate’s proprietary data via Equativ’s Buyer Connect digital ad curation platform, advertisers will be able to layer audience segments across premium publisher inventory. This allows them to utilise additional campaign targeting and optimisation capabilities, to maximise media investment and campaign performance, by reaching tailored audiences with more relevant ads, based on user behaviour, at scale. In addition, data owners with access to the Audiencerate data onboarding platform can leverage the integration to seamlessly onboard, market and monetise their data via the Equativ curation platform, among a variety of other demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs). The integration between Audiencerate and Equativ establishes a direct data bridge between the two platforms to ensure fast and simple data onboarding, driving efficient programmatic campaign activation. Alvaro Megias, Head of Operations & Marketing, Audiencerate: “This exciting new partnership opens our proprietary audiences, and those from other data owners, to the Equativ curation platform, an environment that is becoming increasingly popular to advertisers." Alvaro Megias, Head of Operations & Marketing, Audiencerate: “This exciting new partnership opens our proprietary audiences, and those from other data owners, to the Equativ curation platform, an environment that is becoming increasingly popular to advertisers. The platform provides transparency for advertisers and helps maximise media investment which perfectly align with our goals as a business. It’s a true meeting of our technology, people and values.” Sara Weber, Director, Platform Partnerships, Equativ: “The creation of valuable private marketplaces is not just a trend – Equativ’s alliance with Audiencerate’s robust user data is a consolidation of what this key offering represents to buyers and publishers: addressability, reliability and scalability, all while benefiting industry professionals and respecting consumer privacy. We are excited to work with the Audiencerate team and are looking forward to expanding the scope of our partnership to benefit marketers, media owners, and data providers across the market.” Privacy compliance is core to the Audiencerate platform which adheres to all local data protection and privacy regulations, including GDPR, CCPA & TCF 2.0. Data is encrypted across all stages of the journey.

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