To Run Amazon DSP Buys, Brands Prefer CANOPY Management

Canopy Management | September 08, 2021

Increasingly, Amazon sellers are choosing CANOPY Management as their preferred provider when leveraging the Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) ad buys, the company reported today. Some partners say they would rather buy the ads through CANOPY, the Industry Leading full-service Amazon agency that helps brands scale their business and gain market share, than through Amazon itself.

Amazon DSP is a Demand-Side Platform that enables brands and agencies to programmatically buy display, video and audio ads both on and off Amazon. Brands who make DSP buys through Amazon have to spend at least $35,000 per month, whereas CANOPY requires no minimum spend. Amazon DSP ads compose the third and final step in the CANOPY Accelerator Program (CAP). The average Canopy Management partner grew sales 212% for the two most recent Prime Days, while their Advertising Cost of Sales grew only 7 points.

“With CANOPY’s team managing PPC and DSP, our brand has seen rapid growth,” said Ely’s & Co. Founder Sara Neuhaus. “Our sales are up 60% compared to last year.”

Worth noting: Amazon DSP doesn’t exist exclusively for Amazon Sellers. Non-endemic brands can leverage the reach and targeting capabilities of DSP and tap into its reliable 1st party data and exclusive inventory to drive traffic to their offerings and website. With lower minimums, Sellers and Brands have a clear advantage when it comes to choosing Canopy by launching and testing new campaigns.

Not only is Amazon offering programmatic buys off-platform, it also provides access to video streaming ads via OTT, or Over-the-Top, enabling marketers to engage audiences across Amazon-affiliated sites like and Twitch, devices like Fire TV, and across the web. OTT gives small Amazon sellers and large brands access to a new, rapidly growing frontier in TV advertising.

One-third of American adults use streaming services. In May, Amazon reported that its ad-supported streaming video content — which includes IMDB-TV, Twitch, and NFL Thursday — reaches 120 million people per month, a sixfold increase from the 20 million monthly users it reached in January 2020, less than a year and a half earlier. Amazon DSP advertisers can easily reach audiences of sports fans, Prime Video viewers and relevant In-Market segments.

“Amazon DSP already offers the second-highest Return on Ad Spend after Google,” said CANOPY Management CEO and Cofounder Brian Burt. “As Google & Facebook phase out the third-party tracking cookie, Amazon DSP offers brands unparalleled power to reach their target audiences. We’re pleased that our team’s hard work results in great success for our partners, and we’ll continue to work for the strongest possible results.”

About CANOPY Management
A full-service Amazon marketing agency, CANOPY Management is the driving force behind many of the most successful brands on Amazon. CEO and Cofounder Brian Burt is leading the company’s growth and expansion into new markets. CANOPY was recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’ in March 2021.


Copperfield Digital Services presents: What is Programmatic Advertising. Understanding Programmatic Digital Advertising - IAB Digital Simplified.

Other News
AD TECH AND MARTECH Appoints Ryan Jamboretz as President, Commercial & Partnerships | June 17, 2022, the leading social advertising automation platform for creative and performance marketers, today announced the appointment of Ryan Jamboretz as President, Commercial & Partnerships. When Jamboretz joined in 2021 as its first Chief Strategy Officer, he was focused on leading’s mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy, as the company accelerated its growth. Now he will oversee sales, customer success, strategic partnerships and M&A, keeping at the forefront of the industry as it continues to propel customers forward at the bleeding edge of the social media ecosystem. “ is a superior player in the social media advertising landscape, and we are quickly taking that expertise to digital advertising as a whole,” said Laura Desmond, interim CEO of “We are constantly building unique opportunities for our customers with the world’s largest platforms, from Meta to Google to TikTok and more. Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do as we push our organization to be truly global, expand our footprint to brand centric advertisers and leverage our performance DNA to navigate the toughest challenges facing our industry’s landscape.” Jamboretz’s expertise in growing global B2B SaaS platforms, maximizing economic value for global businesses, and driving corporate development outcomes support’s focus on expansion. He also has experience working in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, which is valuable as focuses on increasing its global presence. is also announcing three Global Vice President appointments: Josh Wallin, Global VP Customer Success: Wallin will lead’s customer organization, ensuring clients reach their goals and anticipating customer needs through adoption of the latest innovations. Brett Wagner, Global VP Services: Wagner will head up a talented team of social media advertising professionals to partner with customers in all aspects of their campaign planning, from strategy, tooling and channel choices to creative production and campaign management. Riikka Pello, Global VP Customer Implementation: Pello now oversees all tech integrations and onboarding operations, including integrating 3rd party data sources to ensure a seamless start for all customers using the platform. About Powering beautifully effective ads, automates every step of social advertising to unlock greater performance and creativity and is a leading Facebook marketing partner. We combine creative technology, ad buying automation and intelligence with outstanding customer service to help 700+ brands – eBay, Uber, Under Armour, Fanduel, Techstyle and T-Mobile among others – scale their results on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube. Last year acquired and and are now a fast-growing community of over 800 Smartlies with 21 offices around the world, managing over $4B in annual ad spend and growing rapidly and profitably. Visit to learn more.

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Davis Elen Advertising Wins Eight Telly Awards

Davis Elen Advertising, The Telly Awards | June 08, 2022

Creative Work for Toyota Wins Gold but the Agency Also Snags Silver and Bronze for Social Media and Celebrity Endorsement Campaigns The Telly Awards, honoring excellence in video and television across all screens, has announced this year’s winners, including eight wins for Davis Elen Advertising, one of the largest independently owned advertising agencies on the West Coast. “We are truly humbled, and we thank the Tellys for this gracious recognition. Moreover, we celebrate our many Davis Elen team members for contributing to this achievement, as it takes a small village to deliver such quality of work.” - David Moranville, Co-President, and Chief Creative Officer. “We are truly humbled, and we thank the Tellys for this gracious recognition. Moreover, we celebrate our many Davis Elen team members for contributing to this achievement, as it takes a small village to deliver such quality of work.” - David Moranville, Co-President, and Chief Creative Officer. Davis Elen is taking home Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards for work spanning across a diverse portfolio of creative for its prestigious roster of clients including Toyota, McDonald’s, Smart & Final, Lively and Alkaline 88®. This year’s eight awards mark 51 total Telly wins since 2015. Davis Elen Advertising 2022 Telly Awards Toyota Offer Card Theatre - Campaign WINNER: GOLD, BRANDED CONTENT - COMMERCIALS Toyota Offer Card Theatre “Forklift” WINNER: BRONZE BRANDED CONTENT - AUTOMOTIVE Toyota Offer Card Theatre “Conductor” WINNER: BRONZE, BRANDED CONTENT - AUTOMOTIVE Toyota Offer Card Theatre “Fortune Teller WINNER: BRONZE, BRANDED CONTENT - AUTOMOTIVE Smart & Final “What’s Inside” WINNER: SILVER, BRANDED CONTENT - SOCIAL Alkaline 88® “Shaqelicious” WINNER: SILVER, BRANDED CONTENT – CAMPAIGN: INFLUENCER/CELEBRITY McDonald’s “Coffee Fresh Start” WINNER: SILVER, BRANDED CONTENT - CAMPAIGN: PROMOTIONAL Lively® “Worlds Apart” WINNER: BRONZE, BRANDED CONTENT – HEALTH & SAFETY About The Telly Awards The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring video and television across all screens. Established in 1979, The Telly Awards receives over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents. Entrants are judged by The Telly Awards Judging Council—an industry body of over 200 leading experts including advertising agencies, production companies, and major television networks, reflective of the multi-screen industry The Telly Awards celebrates. Partners of The Telly Awards include NAB, Stash Media, Production Hub, and Independent Filmmaker Project. About Davis Elen Advertising Davis Elen is a full-service, independently owned advertising agency with $300 million in billings. Headquartered in downtown Los Angeles, it also has four satellite offices across the country. Since its inception in 1948, Davis Elen has remained focused on one guiding principle: Thinking that matters. The agency challenges itself with delivering change-making solutions for its prestigious roster of clients including Toyota, McDonald’s, Lively, Smart & Final, Dice, Zircon and PeaTos. Whether it’s brand-building strategies, creative services and/or media planning designed to deliver results, the Davis Elen approach leads with thinking that will cut through the clutter and separate its clients from the competition. For more information, visit

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Advertising Outcome Measurement Gets a Lift With the Launch of the Next Generation Sales Effect From NCSolutions

NCS | June 07, 2022

A newly enriched, machine learning-driven version of NCSolutions' (NCS) next-generation advertising campaign measurement solution will help consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertisers be more agile in dynamic markets and have greater insight into the elements of their campaigns that are driving sales lift and return on ad spend (ROAS). Called Next Gen Sales Effect, the new release leverages machine learning and advancements in NCS intellectual property and methodologies. The new methods support the demands for faster delivery, early reads and greater precision. This sales lift measurement solution is available immediately for all current NCS clients. "In recent years, CPG marketers have been navigating turbulent waters. The confluence of inflation, increased competition, consumer behavior changes and supply chain stalls - on top of the usual demands of creating effective marketing strategies - have made moving the incremental sales needle significantly more challenging," said Lance Brothers, chief revenue officer, NCSolutions. "In recent years, CPG marketers have been navigating turbulent waters. The confluence of inflation, increased competition, consumer behavior changes and supply chain stalls - on top of the usual demands of creating effective marketing strategies - have made moving the incremental sales needle significantly more challenging," said Lance Brothers, chief revenue officer, NCSolutions. "In pre-pandemic times, outcome measurement was always a key input. Today, it's fundamental. Fundamental for measuring and optimizing your campaigns to make every dollar count." More than 70% of CPG marketers rely on incremental sales or sales lift to measure campaign outcomes, according to a 2022 Brand Innovators/NCS CPG brand marketers survey*. Additionally, 55% of CPG brand marketers are placing a greater emphasis on measuring return on advertising spend due to recent privacy changes by Google and Apple*. In its latest release, NCS Sales Effect offers more granular, precise and actionable intelligence about the advertising effectiveness of campaigns and the factors driving incremental sales. CPG marketers can leverage Next Gen Sales Effect study insights to optimize media, creative, audience and other elements of their ad campaigns. "Measuring campaign outcomes for CPG advertisers is at the heart of what we do. Next Gen Sales Effect opens up unparalleled campaign measurement opportunities for CPG brands, agencies, publishers and TV platforms," said Jeff Doherty, chief product enrichment officer and COO at NCSolutions. "Marketers can do more than just look back to see what happened in a campaign. They can discover what is next, create what-if scenarios and best determine how they should alter their advertising approach to meet their marketing goals." Originally launched in 2010, the same year NCS was founded, the Sales Effect solution evolved continuously to help marketers stay ahead of CPG industry trends. The Next Gen release is a significant upgrade, making the most of machine learning technology for faster study delivery, with the notable inclusion of early effectiveness reads. These early reads demonstrate if the advertising meets sales goals during the crucial window while the campaign is in flight. Marketers can use this intelligence to optimize and achieve a higher ROAS. "What was initially a revolutionary idea—the ability to connect the dots from an ad campaign's exposure to the resulting in-store sales—has become much more of an industry-standard today," said Linda Dupree, chief executive officer NCSolutions. "CPG marketers are increasingly turning to sales lift research as they plan their campaign. Forty-four percent say it's more vital in a post-cookie world. We expect that percentage to grow in the near future, and it's why we continue to put innovating our solutions to reflect the market needs at the center of our priorities. This next generation measurement solution is just one example." Like CPG marketers, publishers also leverage NCS Sales Effect studies as third-party confirmation that advertising on their platform provides a sales lift. Credible sales lift reports drive advertising decisions, and 41%* of CPG marketers say they are a 'very important factor' in determining whether to advertise with a specific publisher. In January 2019, NCS became a Google measurement partner and launched Next Gen Sales Effect specifically for Google's YouTube platform. Building on that success, today's Next Gen Sales Effect launch from NCSolutions, represents a full market release of the solution providing a parallel campaign measurement service across publisher platforms. CPG advertisers need to evaluate return on ad spend and effectiveness across publishers using a common measurement service and the full-market release of Next Gen solves that need. The next generation of Sales Effect continues to be available for CPG advertisers on YouTube. NCS has more than a decade of unrivaled experience helping the CPG ecosystem target, optimize and measure their advertising sales while driving the growth of their brands. To learn more about NCS Sales Effect, visit the website. *ABOUT THE 2022 BRAND INNOVATORS/NCS CPG BRAND MARKETERS SURVEY The survey, conducted in Q4 of 2021 by Brand Innovators, Inc. in collaboration with NCS, set out to examine CPG marketers' advertising spending plans and attitudes towards a range of next-generation marketing and advertising effectiveness tools and the various issues impacting their efficiency and the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. There were 69 CPG marketers surveyed. To read more about the findings, you can download the full report. ABOUT NCS NCSolutions (NCS) makes advertising work better. Our unrivaled data resources powered by leading providers combine with scientific rigor and leading-edge technology to empower the CPG ecosystem to create and deliver more effective advertising. With NCS's proven approach, brands achieve continuous optimization everywhere ads appear, through purchase-based audience targeting and sales measurement solutions that have impacted over $25 billion in media spend for our customers. NCS has offices in NYC, Chicago, Tampa, and Cincinnati. Visit us at to learn more.

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Phonexa Wins 2 Telly Awards for Ad Campaign

Phonexa | July 12, 2022

Marketing automation platform Phonexa has garnered additional prestigious honors in recognition of its digital ad series "The Unofficial History of Innovation" by winning two Gold Telly Awards. One award is a People's Telly for Online Commercials, and the other is for Business-to-Business, Online Commercials. Phonexa's award-winning ad series consists of three episodes – "The Startup," "The Telephone," and "The Internet" – with each episode reenacting groundbreaking moments in technological advancement with humorous reactions from people of yesteryear. The Gold Telly Awards comes on the heels of Phonexa winning a 2022 Communicator Award of Distinction for Video Commercials, in addition to winning an NYX Marcom Award, three TITAN Business Awards, nine Vega Digital Awards, and a Silver Davey Award for the "Campaign & Series: Comedy" category. Phonexa's ad campaign has also been recognized by winning a trio of w3 awards across the Branded Entertainment categories of B2B, Commercials, and Comedy. "Being recognized with two Gold Telly Awards reflects the comradery and determination that drives the Phonexa team to create content that appeals to viewers from all walks of life, We always strive to hone our craft, and every award we earn from well-respected organizations within our industry serves as validation for our digital marketing efforts." -Armen Karaoghlanian, Chief Marketing Officer of Phonexa. The Telly Awards honor excellence in local, regional, and cable television commercials, in addition to recognizing non-broadcast video and television programming. This recognition acknowledges work from world-renowned advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, and publishers created on the behalf of a client, for a specific brand and/or company, or self-directed as a creative endeavor. About Phonexa: Phonexa is an all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more. The software company powers direct advertisers and lead generators alike across all businesses and industries by optimizing inbound web and call campaigns, and outbound call, email, and SMS campaigns — all while having the ability to enhance the consumer journey along every step of the way. Complete with a suite of turnkey marketing products and solutions, Phonexa's customizable tools are uniquely designed to maximize workflow efficiency and revenue. Phonexa has the scalability, tools, and partnerships to serve clients across industries, especially those with high consumer demand products and services. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles with additional offices in the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

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