Vrbo Welcomes Back Advertisers to Expedia Group’s Advertising Platform

Vrbo | May 19, 2020

  • Home-sharing platform welcomes back advertisers after closing up shop for more than a year.

  • After more than a year without accepting advertising on its platform, Vrbo is once again opening up shop.

  • The home rental brand, purchased by Expedia Group in 2015, will begin to slowly introduce advertising on its homepage and across the broader site.

Previously, Vrbo was using its own media team, but everything will now be brought under the Expedia Group umbrella, one of the travel industry’s largest that also includes Hotels.com, Travelocity, Orbitz and Hotwire.

The arrival of Vrbo, which goes by HomeAway in the U.K., to Expedia’s media network was announced earlier this month and won’t hit full speed for some time, according to Hari Nair, svp of Expedia Group Media Solutions, the digital marketing provider for Expedia and its subsidiaries. Nair emphasized a “crawl, walk, run” approach to introducing advertisers to the platform.

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The decision to bring Vrbo into the Expedia Advertising fold was made before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, but Nair thinks that having the scale of Expedia’s advertising platform will help Vrbo ride the wave of recovery.

“As you think about travel recovery coming back, and as you think about brands wanting to advertise in front of this valuable audience, it’s perfect timing,” he said.

According to a study by the property management platform Guesty, which surveyed over 400 companies that use Airbnb, Vrbo and Booking.com, more than half reported cancellations were up between 76% and 100% for reservations from June through August. But only 41% of respondents reported no change in cancellations between September and November, more than half reported cancellations reaching less than 10% during the same period.

Vrbo, originally founded as Vacation Rental By Owner in 1995, underwent a rebranding last year, changing the all-caps VRBO acronym into its new name, with a new typeface. According to Vrbo, the site reaches roughly 16 million monthly unique visitors with 257 million monthly pageviews.

Nair hopes the brands that will advertise on the platform are obvious, including airlines, hotels and financial services (hello, travel rewards members). Eventually, Vrbo will add sponsored listings, which are already available on other Expedia platforms.

The travel brand believes it’ll be well positioned to capitalize on the recovery, which is heavily anticipated to begin with domestic and local travel. According to a Vrbo’s own internal research, more than 65% of Vrbo users travel by car, while only 35% fly. They’re also more affluent, with 52% of them earning over $100,ooo a year, spending five times more than the average traveler, and staying three times longer. That’s an enticing audience for advertisers.

We really appeal to people who are looking to plan and manage what we call ‘complex travel. The vast majority of our inventory is two bedrooms.

- Kate Rush Sheehy, Vrbo’s senior director of brand marketing strategy

Among its platforms, Expedia Group believes Vrbo will give brands a new audience, as audience crossover between, for example, its Hotels.com and Expedia brands is below 30%.

But, there may not be a deal for brands already working with Expedia.

We’re always looking at our pricing; we don’t have set rule as such. In some cases it could be premium, depending on what kind of targeting they want.

- Nair

Expedia is gearing up for a return to travel over the next few months as well. On May 4, Expedia launched its “Where Next?” campaign, featuring a search bar that lets would-be travelers type in a location and be met with an image and a link to that city or country’s destination marketing site. While briefly engaging for consumers, it’s allowing Expedia the opportunity to gather insights by compiling the most searched terms.


Today we want to table and explain the 5 key skills of a marketing manager. If you are a solo marketer, or an individual contributor, this may not be for you. We really want to focus on the skills your marketing manager needs. We're super passionate about B2B marketing.  Align me, wants to see B2B marketing become a respected management science globally. And this blog is a part of what we do to. It's a little more about how to think about things, and a little less about didactic how to do things.

Other News

Fiverr Makes a Move into the Advertising Industry with Togetherr™

Fiverr, Togetherr | June 09, 2022

Togetherr™, a new platform for building world-class creative teams and connecting them with leading global brands and agencies, launches today. The platform, designed and built by Fiverr (NYSE: FVRR), and backed by industry-leading visionaries, uses proprietary technology, the Creative Genome, to construct award-winning teams, from an exclusive group of creative talent. These teams will be curated and matched to support brands and agencies on specific projects and campaigns. The advertising world has gone through massive changes in the last few decades. The emergence of new digital platforms, the fragmentation of media, the rise of tech giants, e-commerce, and science-based marketing, all dramatically influenced the relationships between brands and agencies. It has also now influenced the way creatives feel working for agencies which ultimately impacts the outcomes of marketing and advertising campaigns. Clients, creatives and agencies are now looking for better ways of working. “Long before the pandemic, our industry was stuck in a rut, slowly choking the creative energy and ambition that once defined our industry,” said Amir Guy, Togetherr’s General Manager. “The agency-of-record (AOR) model, based on hefty retainers, bloated head-counts, overheads, and complex processes, is not meeting today’s client needs. Clients need a lot more for less, and faster. Trying to meet these needs without changing our industry's complex system resulted in broken spirits, lack of bravery, lack of excitement, and short-termism. We lost our creative icons, our magicians, our storytellers. Creatives were driven out of our industry, and clients are now looking for them elsewhere. The last two years taught our clients that they can find creativity elsewhere, and produce campaigns better and faster.” “With new and important marketing channels continuing to impact the industry, brands are re-thinking how to maximize creative output in the simplest way,” said Micha Kaufman, CEO of Fiverr. “Togetherr is a platform that aims to enable and accelerate new ways of working in the creative industry. When you allow yourself to look beyond the old system and challenge the way things have been done forever, you realize that talent can be found everywhere, on a global scale. You also find that diversity, which is so essential for creativity, becomes truly possible when you go beyond old constructs. Leading brands today often build their own creative capabilities in-house, and they need easy ways to augment them with outside independent talent and micro agencies on a project-by-project basis.” Togetherr builds on Fiverr’s long-founded mission of revolutionizing how the world works together. This groundbreaking new platform puts talent and creativity at its core and uses technology powered by a cutting-edge AI engine to help leading brands engage with and manage teams of top-tier independent creatives to meet their project goals. The Creative Genome Talent on Togetherr is vetted manually and through the Creative Genome’s powerful technology - ensuring clients have access to the best and brightest in the industry. Creatives on the platform have won awards, worked on campaigns for some of the world’s top brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, HBO, Apple, and Netflix, as well as agencies, and have won accolades from their peers, clients, and colleagues alike. All of these data points are collected by the Creative Genome in order to assemble top-notch teams to ensure that brands work with the most optimized teams possible, something no agency in the world can offer. For Brands Togetherr is flipping the agency model on its head. Brands will no longer be bound by bureaucracy, agencies-of-record, and long RFP processes to bring campaigns to life. With Togetherr, the platform obtains the brief from the client, and the powerful AI engine will build a team specifically curated for that particular project. They get access to world class talent at the click of a button - to enhance the capabilities of their in-house creative teams - a space we see a lot of brands building out - or to build an entire freelance creative team to deliver new ideas or test new approaches. Advisory Board Togetherr has been built alongside an advisory board of industry-leading visionaries including Per Pedersen, Mark Tutssel, Eva Santos Bouzos, Greg Hahn, Karin Onsager-Birch, Nellie Kim, David Sable, Mariam Banikarim, Craig Brommers, Amy Fuller, Shelley Diamond and more. “In my mind, size and scale are not the keys to success, but rather talent, perseverance, and passion are the ultimate keys to unlocking creative success,” said Greg Hahn, Co-founder and COO of Mischief and Togetherr Advisor. “I’ve worked with big agencies and small agencies and founded a boutique small agency that does things differently. There’s no right or wrong way to unlock creativity, however, by putting talent and ideas over profits, you remove the pressure and make way for beautiful, bold, and diverse ideas. This is what Togetherr is all about - using technology to unlock people’s creativity and putting talent first. I am thrilled to have been a part of building this incredible platform and am excited to tap its potential myself.” The platform currently has over 1,100 creatives and ad industry leaders as well as 30 micro-independent agencies, and it is adding award-winning talent every day. Campaigns and projects start at an average price of $50K and go up from there. About Fiverr Fiverr’s mission is to revolutionize how the world works together. We exist to democratize access to talent and to provide talent with access to opportunities so anyone can grow their business, brand, or dreams. From small businesses to Fortune 500, over 4 million customers worldwide worked with freelance talent on Fiverr in the past year, ensuring their workforces remain flexible, adaptive, and agile. With Fiverr’s Talent Cloud, companies can easily scale their teams from a talent pool of skilled professionals from over 160 countries across more than 550 categories, ranging from programming to 3D design, digital marketing to content creation, from video animation to architecture. Fiverr companies include Togetherr, ClearVoice, CreativeLive, Working Not Working, SLT Consulting and Stoke Talent. Don’t get left behind - come be a part of the future of work by visiting fiverr.com, read our blog, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Industry Vet Launches Bilingual, Woman-Owned Marketing & Advertising Agency Offering Flexible, Results-Driven Approach

Integral Marketing & Advertising | August 04, 2022

Today, long-time marketing industry veteran Yeliza Centeio launches Integral, a woman-owned, bilingual marketing and advertising agency marked by inclusivity with a fresh approach to meeting client needs and surpassing expectations. For Centeio, the first phase of her career took place inside leading advertising agencies in Boston and Ft. Lauderdale, working with brands in the travel & tourism, higher education, eCommerce/retail, B2B tech, insurance and healthcare sectors. As a follow up to her agency experience, Centeio ventured brand-side as a marketing director for well-known direct-to-consumer and fashion industry startups and brands like City Pier Seafood and J.Jill. The launch of Integral Marketing & Advertising marks the pinnacle of Centeio’s career as she embarks on this new chapter of inclusivity and growth within the industry. Integral Marketing & Advertising prioritizes client and staff flexibility & growth Marketing and advertising has evolved; Centeio founded an agency to evolve with it. Integral empowers client flexibility by allowing work to commence without a formal pitch process or Agency of Record contract. “Brand-side experience showed me that growth increasingly depends on client flexibility. Our model offers experience and expertise at a time when long-term contracts or building an in-house marketing team may not be in our clients’ best interests,” said Centeio. Integral also meets the needs of today’s creative talent by granting workplace and workweek flexibility. “Integral won’t dictate where and when people work, so long as the work gets done. Creative expression doesn’t always happen between 9 a.m and 5 p.m, Monday through Friday, and personal and family time is always a priority,” said Centeio. “We value a healthy work-life balance that puts our team and clients in the best position to succeed.” Woman-founded, woman-owned, bilingual, and inclusive, Integral solves marketing & advertising puzzles with the right puzzle pieces The Integral name was chosen not only for its equivalent English and Spanish meaning, but because the agency’s subject matter experts are vital to client success. On the agency’s new website, Integral’s developers, designers, copywriters, content creators, and certified diversity, equity & inclusion public relations managers are portrayed as characters solving marketing and advertising “jigsaw puzzles.” The homepage headline announces, “Puzzles Solved. All your needs or just one piece.”

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AdAdapted Launches New Shoppable Video Ads

AdAdapted | August 17, 2022

AdAdapted Shoppable Video Ads enable brands to build eCommerce campaigns on AdAdapted’s industry-leading Shopping List Marketing mobile ad platform. This goes beyond standard video ads by utilizing AdAdapted’s one-click functionality so consumers can add branded products directly to their eCommerce cart. The product leverages AdAdapted’s exclusive verified shopper audience to target consumers based on shopping list intent behavior, ensuring ads are served only to the consumers most likely to purchase the item, increasing the likelihood of conversion. “We have found significant positive results with AdAdapted campaigns over the years,” said Ali Fluke, senior advertising manager, Kodiak Cakes. “The launch of AdAdapted Shoppable Video Ads enables us to utilize AdAdapted’s 1-click Add-to-Cart user experience, while expanding the placement opportunities to mobile web.” The new offering enables video with two primary objectives: Shoppable Add-to-Cart Actions - Optimizes for click-through rate Brand Awareness - Optimizes for completed views AdAdapted Shoppable Video averages a 6.5x longer view time than video on social feeds. Brands can also overlay cross-device and segment targeting (including demographics or preferences) via AdAdapted’s existing partnership with LiveRamp, the leading data connectivity platform. Video campaigns come with end-of-campaign custom reporting. “In today’s digital age, brands must serve consumers compelling video content that encourages them to engage,” said Mike Pedersen, co-founder and CEO, AdAdapted. “In today’s digital age, brands must serve consumers compelling video content that encourages them to engage,” said Mike Pedersen, co-founder and CEO, AdAdapted. “AdAdapted Shoppable Video Ads are a natural extension of our Add-It™ product suite and allow brands to serve high impact, video content to the head of household shoppers at the right time, leading to an increase in both conversions and sales that exceed industry standards.” To learn more, visit AdAdapted.com About AdAdapted AdAdapted is the leading shopping list marketing and insights platform built for CPG brands, agencies, and retailers. AdAdapted’s powerful list data and unique ad products help the world’s top CPGs meet their most important goals. With 110MM+ US shoppers using a mobile grocery list app, AdAdapted has built a distinct audience and ad offering no other solution can provide. No one gets branded products on the list and in the cart like AdAdapted.

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Ezoic Awarded Technology Innovation Award for Ad Tester Product

Business Intelligence Group, Ezoic | August 01, 2022

The Business Intelligence Group awarded Ezoic, the AI-driven platform for digital publishers, its Sales and Marketing Technology Award (Sammy) for Ezoic’s Ad Tester product in the 2022 Sales and Marketing Technology Awards program, also known as The Sammys. The Sammys honor organizations and products helping to solve the challenges organizations have connecting and collaborating with prospects and customers. Ezoic’s Ad Tester enables digital publishers to handpick over a thousand potential ad placements for their website and then finds the best combinations for each website page to increase overall ad visibility and revenue while preserving user experience. Ad Tester also automatically creates ad variations for mobile devices and tablets, and systematically uses the publisher’s website analytics to choose which layouts maximize user experience to improve website ad position on each site page and increase website ad revenue. “Ezoic’s Ad Tester is a game changer for digital publishers as it’s the only online ad management tool to effectively use machine learning to pick the best ad positions on website pages and optimize them for increased clicks and ad revenue,” says Ezoic Chief Marketing Officer Tyler Bishop. “Ezoic’s Ad Tester is a game changer for digital publishers as it’s the only online ad management tool to effectively use machine learning to pick the best ad positions on website pages and optimize them for increased clicks and ad revenue,” says Ezoic Chief Marketing Officer Tyler Bishop. “We are honored by this Sammy award and grateful to the Business Intelligence Group for this program that recognizes innovation and excellence in marketing technology.” “We are proud to reward and recognize Ezoic for their innovation and dedication to helping both the organizations using their technology and the ultimate consumer,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group. “It was clear to our judges that their efforts will improve how we all connect with the brands we love for years to come.” About Business Intelligence Group The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, business executives—those with experience and knowledge—judge the programs. The organization’s proprietary and unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and then rewards those companies whose achievements stand above those of their peers. About Ezoic Ezoic is the leading AI technology for online publishers and websites to monetize content with display ads. Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that hosts about 35,000+ domains, enabling them to streamline implementation, optimization, and testing of ads and ad partners alongside intelligent tools and features for site speed, SEO, and more. Visit www.ezoic.com.

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Today we want to table and explain the 5 key skills of a marketing manager. If you are a solo marketer, or an individual contributor, this may not be for you. We really want to focus on the skills your marketing manager needs. We're super passionate about B2B marketing.  Align me, wants to see B2B marketing become a respected management science globally. And this blog is a part of what we do to. It's a little more about how to think about things, and a little less about didactic how to do things.