YouTube Accelerates its TV-screen Ad Alternatives

YouTube | May 11, 2020

  • YouTube is accelerating its TV-screen ad options.

  • Google’s internal numbers that show sharp growth in consumption on TVs, and there’s been speculation these numbers will remain consistent as COVID-19 keeps consumers at home.

  • The ad formats may be familiar to regular advertisers on YouTube, but the move signals Google’s intention to continue its growth in the realm of connected TV instead of just an app on user phones.


Brand Lift on TV Screens

Advertisers running Brand Lift surveys on YouTube will have a new placement in the coming months: TV screens.

With media mixes becoming increasingly reliant on streaming, it’s more important than ever to measure its impact. As a result, we’re accelerating the launch of Brand Lift for YouTube on TV screens.

- Google announcement

Surveys will be optimized for larger screens and be TV remote control-enabled so users can participate instead of tapping or with a mouse on their desktop.

Google touts the ability for brands to now make faster decisions about their ad performance on the fly with the additional data.

It will be available for ad recall, purchase intent, or awareness studies for the YouTube app on TVs in the coming weeks. The projected date for YouTube TV is early in the third quarter.

Skippable Ad Format Coming to TV

YouTube’s widely-used skippable ad format will also be available on TV screens this year.

Skippable ads appear before, during or after other YouTube videos. They run for 5 seconds before the user has the option to skip them.

Advertisers find these favorable because they only pay if the user watches the whole video, or 30 seconds of it, whichever happens first.

Skippable ad prices are paid based on impressions, with the option for bidding types like Target CPM, Target CPA and Maximize Conversions.

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Timing of the Enhancements

Google reports sharp year-over-year increases of watch time by 80% on YouTube in the US.

The data cited runs from March 11-April 10, so the jump doesn’t fully encompass the anticipated surge that will eventually be reported from the time period during the COVID-19 outbreak.

From this time period int he US, Google has seen:

-250% increase in feature-length movies

-300% increase in TV show consumption

-450% increase in news

Worldwide, Google is reporting:

-800% increase in feature-length movies

-125% increase in TV Shows

-250% increase in live content

YouTube During COVID-19

Comscore has reported that over 70 million US households stream content to their TV screens.
Of this consumption, the report shows that YouTube has the highest reach and most hours consumed among any streaming service. YouTube accounts for 25% of all streaming watch time in the US.

The weeks of sheltering in place has meant a more captive audience, often with multiple family members who stream together or alone. The rapid increase has created a wave of demand for fresh content from the platform.

Google has also noted that watch time via screencasting has increased 75% year over year.

Their full announcement can be read here.

OTT/CTV Wars Heating Up

This increase in demand has not come without challenges for creators trying to monetize short-term. Fluctuating policies around COVID-related content and advertiser hesitancy to have their ads appear in tandem with it are expected to wane as users’ experience during this time normalize.

eMarketer reported a huge 320% leap at the start of the year for Connected TV ad transactions in North America. Streaming devices and programmatic services like The Trade Desk are all better on the continued growth. Just this week, Roku announced their OneView Platform launch, signaling their intention to get a piece of the ad spend pie, particularly in light of the sustained rate of larger consumption during Coronavirus.

Our goal is to help advertisers and content partners invest for a world where all TV is streamed.

- Scott Rosenberg, SVP and GM, Platform Business at Roku

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Matt Talmage, Director of Demand Generation from Wibbitz and Rachel Zalta, Global Research & Insights Lead from Taboola discuss native video—check it out to discover best practices for context and production.

Other News

Fiverr Makes a Move into the Advertising Industry with Togetherr™

Fiverr, Togetherr | June 09, 2022

Togetherr™, a new platform for building world-class creative teams and connecting them with leading global brands and agencies, launches today. The platform, designed and built by Fiverr (NYSE: FVRR), and backed by industry-leading visionaries, uses proprietary technology, the Creative Genome, to construct award-winning teams, from an exclusive group of creative talent. These teams will be curated and matched to support brands and agencies on specific projects and campaigns. The advertising world has gone through massive changes in the last few decades. The emergence of new digital platforms, the fragmentation of media, the rise of tech giants, e-commerce, and science-based marketing, all dramatically influenced the relationships between brands and agencies. It has also now influenced the way creatives feel working for agencies which ultimately impacts the outcomes of marketing and advertising campaigns. Clients, creatives and agencies are now looking for better ways of working. “Long before the pandemic, our industry was stuck in a rut, slowly choking the creative energy and ambition that once defined our industry,” said Amir Guy, Togetherr’s General Manager. “The agency-of-record (AOR) model, based on hefty retainers, bloated head-counts, overheads, and complex processes, is not meeting today’s client needs. Clients need a lot more for less, and faster. Trying to meet these needs without changing our industry's complex system resulted in broken spirits, lack of bravery, lack of excitement, and short-termism. We lost our creative icons, our magicians, our storytellers. Creatives were driven out of our industry, and clients are now looking for them elsewhere. The last two years taught our clients that they can find creativity elsewhere, and produce campaigns better and faster.” “With new and important marketing channels continuing to impact the industry, brands are re-thinking how to maximize creative output in the simplest way,” said Micha Kaufman, CEO of Fiverr. “Togetherr is a platform that aims to enable and accelerate new ways of working in the creative industry. When you allow yourself to look beyond the old system and challenge the way things have been done forever, you realize that talent can be found everywhere, on a global scale. You also find that diversity, which is so essential for creativity, becomes truly possible when you go beyond old constructs. Leading brands today often build their own creative capabilities in-house, and they need easy ways to augment them with outside independent talent and micro agencies on a project-by-project basis.” Togetherr builds on Fiverr’s long-founded mission of revolutionizing how the world works together. This groundbreaking new platform puts talent and creativity at its core and uses technology powered by a cutting-edge AI engine to help leading brands engage with and manage teams of top-tier independent creatives to meet their project goals. The Creative Genome Talent on Togetherr is vetted manually and through the Creative Genome’s powerful technology - ensuring clients have access to the best and brightest in the industry. Creatives on the platform have won awards, worked on campaigns for some of the world’s top brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, HBO, Apple, and Netflix, as well as agencies, and have won accolades from their peers, clients, and colleagues alike. All of these data points are collected by the Creative Genome in order to assemble top-notch teams to ensure that brands work with the most optimized teams possible, something no agency in the world can offer. For Brands Togetherr is flipping the agency model on its head. Brands will no longer be bound by bureaucracy, agencies-of-record, and long RFP processes to bring campaigns to life. With Togetherr, the platform obtains the brief from the client, and the powerful AI engine will build a team specifically curated for that particular project. They get access to world class talent at the click of a button - to enhance the capabilities of their in-house creative teams - a space we see a lot of brands building out - or to build an entire freelance creative team to deliver new ideas or test new approaches. Advisory Board Togetherr has been built alongside an advisory board of industry-leading visionaries including Per Pedersen, Mark Tutssel, Eva Santos Bouzos, Greg Hahn, Karin Onsager-Birch, Nellie Kim, David Sable, Mariam Banikarim, Craig Brommers, Amy Fuller, Shelley Diamond and more. “In my mind, size and scale are not the keys to success, but rather talent, perseverance, and passion are the ultimate keys to unlocking creative success,” said Greg Hahn, Co-founder and COO of Mischief and Togetherr Advisor. “I’ve worked with big agencies and small agencies and founded a boutique small agency that does things differently. There’s no right or wrong way to unlock creativity, however, by putting talent and ideas over profits, you remove the pressure and make way for beautiful, bold, and diverse ideas. This is what Togetherr is all about - using technology to unlock people’s creativity and putting talent first. I am thrilled to have been a part of building this incredible platform and am excited to tap its potential myself.” The platform currently has over 1,100 creatives and ad industry leaders as well as 30 micro-independent agencies, and it is adding award-winning talent every day. Campaigns and projects start at an average price of $50K and go up from there. About Fiverr Fiverr’s mission is to revolutionize how the world works together. We exist to democratize access to talent and to provide talent with access to opportunities so anyone can grow their business, brand, or dreams. From small businesses to Fortune 500, over 4 million customers worldwide worked with freelance talent on Fiverr in the past year, ensuring their workforces remain flexible, adaptive, and agile. With Fiverr’s Talent Cloud, companies can easily scale their teams from a talent pool of skilled professionals from over 160 countries across more than 550 categories, ranging from programming to 3D design, digital marketing to content creation, from video animation to architecture. Fiverr companies include Togetherr, ClearVoice, CreativeLive, Working Not Working, SLT Consulting and Stoke Talent. Don’t get left behind - come be a part of the future of work by visiting, read our blog, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Ezoic Awarded Technology Innovation Award for Ad Tester Product

Business Intelligence Group, Ezoic | August 01, 2022

The Business Intelligence Group awarded Ezoic, the AI-driven platform for digital publishers, its Sales and Marketing Technology Award (Sammy) for Ezoic’s Ad Tester product in the 2022 Sales and Marketing Technology Awards program, also known as The Sammys. The Sammys honor organizations and products helping to solve the challenges organizations have connecting and collaborating with prospects and customers. Ezoic’s Ad Tester enables digital publishers to handpick over a thousand potential ad placements for their website and then finds the best combinations for each website page to increase overall ad visibility and revenue while preserving user experience. Ad Tester also automatically creates ad variations for mobile devices and tablets, and systematically uses the publisher’s website analytics to choose which layouts maximize user experience to improve website ad position on each site page and increase website ad revenue. “Ezoic’s Ad Tester is a game changer for digital publishers as it’s the only online ad management tool to effectively use machine learning to pick the best ad positions on website pages and optimize them for increased clicks and ad revenue,” says Ezoic Chief Marketing Officer Tyler Bishop. “Ezoic’s Ad Tester is a game changer for digital publishers as it’s the only online ad management tool to effectively use machine learning to pick the best ad positions on website pages and optimize them for increased clicks and ad revenue,” says Ezoic Chief Marketing Officer Tyler Bishop. “We are honored by this Sammy award and grateful to the Business Intelligence Group for this program that recognizes innovation and excellence in marketing technology.” “We are proud to reward and recognize Ezoic for their innovation and dedication to helping both the organizations using their technology and the ultimate consumer,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group. “It was clear to our judges that their efforts will improve how we all connect with the brands we love for years to come.” About Business Intelligence Group The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, business executives—those with experience and knowledge—judge the programs. The organization’s proprietary and unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and then rewards those companies whose achievements stand above those of their peers. About Ezoic Ezoic is the leading AI technology for online publishers and websites to monetize content with display ads. Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that hosts about 35,000+ domains, enabling them to streamline implementation, optimization, and testing of ads and ad partners alongside intelligent tools and features for site speed, SEO, and more. Visit

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Viamedia Promotes Jim Loughran to SVP of Convergent Video Partnerships, Heading Its Patented QTT™ Division

Viamedia | June 03, 2022

Viamedia, the leading fully-integrated independent cross-media local advertising company, today announced Jim Loughran has been promoted to senior vice president of convergent video partnerships, overseeing the company’s cloud-based advertising solution that brings the digital and linear television worlds together. He will be responsible for QTT™’s overall business, product, communications and marketing strategy. “Since joining Viamedia, Jim has been a trusted leader and has proved to execute and drive digital sales. No one is better suited to continue leading Viamedia’s cross-media advertising solutions as SVP of Convergent Video Partnerships, than Jim,” said David Solomon, CEO of Viamedia. “Since joining Viamedia, Jim has been a trusted leader and has proved to execute and drive digital sales. No one is better suited to continue leading Viamedia’s cross-media advertising solutions as SVP of Convergent Video Partnerships, than Jim,” said David Solomon, CEO of Viamedia. “There is no doubt he will create even more value and bring more innovation to our advertising business customers.” Loughran joined Viamedia in 2020 as senior vice president of digital, and in his time with the company has played an integral role in executing and driving digital sales. In his new role, Loughran will continue to oversee the patent-pending QTT™ technology that requests and receives ads programmatically from digital ad exchanges to enable real-time linear cable television ad insertion utilizing existing cable TV infrastructure. Viamedia’s QTT™ solution significantly increases cable ad dollars and advertisers’ marketing options by tapping into the surging programmatic digital advertising marketplace. Loughran will be based in New York City and will continue to report to Viamedia’s CEO, David Solomon. Loughran previously served as senior vice president, national addressable, OTT and digital sales for Ampersand (formerly NCC Media), where he grew ad revenue from approximately $10 million to more than $100 million. About Viamedia Viamedia places over 1MM ads a day in more than 130 zones in 28 states across 60+ markets nationwide, aggregating all forms of TV audiences and providing a single point of sale to more than 6,000 local, regional, and national advertisers. It provides a comprehensive portfolio of audience and impression-based local video cross-media advertising solutions that bridge the gap between linear TV and digital programmatic advertising. Viamedia’s patented, cloud based QTT™ platform utilizes a proprietary technology stack designed to enable ad campaigns to be more efficient and easier to execute, by utilizing rich data to deliver targeted, dynamic ads to consumers via linear television. Viamedia also offers a complimentary suite of impression-based digital products for streaming, mobile, display, email, search, social and more. Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, the company’s success is built on its people, processes and proprietary software.

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AD TECH AND MARTECH Appoints Ryan Jamboretz as President, Commercial & Partnerships | June 17, 2022, the leading social advertising automation platform for creative and performance marketers, today announced the appointment of Ryan Jamboretz as President, Commercial & Partnerships. When Jamboretz joined in 2021 as its first Chief Strategy Officer, he was focused on leading’s mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy, as the company accelerated its growth. Now he will oversee sales, customer success, strategic partnerships and M&A, keeping at the forefront of the industry as it continues to propel customers forward at the bleeding edge of the social media ecosystem. “ is a superior player in the social media advertising landscape, and we are quickly taking that expertise to digital advertising as a whole,” said Laura Desmond, interim CEO of “We are constantly building unique opportunities for our customers with the world’s largest platforms, from Meta to Google to TikTok and more. Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do as we push our organization to be truly global, expand our footprint to brand centric advertisers and leverage our performance DNA to navigate the toughest challenges facing our industry’s landscape.” Jamboretz’s expertise in growing global B2B SaaS platforms, maximizing economic value for global businesses, and driving corporate development outcomes support’s focus on expansion. He also has experience working in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, which is valuable as focuses on increasing its global presence. is also announcing three Global Vice President appointments: Josh Wallin, Global VP Customer Success: Wallin will lead’s customer organization, ensuring clients reach their goals and anticipating customer needs through adoption of the latest innovations. Brett Wagner, Global VP Services: Wagner will head up a talented team of social media advertising professionals to partner with customers in all aspects of their campaign planning, from strategy, tooling and channel choices to creative production and campaign management. Riikka Pello, Global VP Customer Implementation: Pello now oversees all tech integrations and onboarding operations, including integrating 3rd party data sources to ensure a seamless start for all customers using the platform. About Powering beautifully effective ads, automates every step of social advertising to unlock greater performance and creativity and is a leading Facebook marketing partner. We combine creative technology, ad buying automation and intelligence with outstanding customer service to help 700+ brands – eBay, Uber, Under Armour, Fanduel, Techstyle and T-Mobile among others – scale their results on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube. Last year acquired and and are now a fast-growing community of over 800 Smartlies with 21 offices around the world, managing over $4B in annual ad spend and growing rapidly and profitably. Visit to learn more.

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