April 18, 2019 | (11:00 AM)
USA (United States of America)
Social media accessibility is an incredibly important tool in modern society. It is not just the young who access social media, with close to 30% of people over the age of 65 interacting on social networking sites, and 50% of people aged 50 - 64. As the percentage of recruiters who use LinkedIn is now 95%, social media is becoming an essential part of negotiating the current working environment. The main reason why social media is not accessible is that social networking sites and apps are almost continually refreshed. Facebook sometimes changes twice a day. This, coupled with a lack of a formal testing process, means that what may be accessible today may be literally gone tomorrow. Gian Wild goes through the accessibility issues of each of the four main social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn) and discusses ways that you can make sure your social media content is accessible.