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Digital marketing is an umbrella term which describes any form of marketing that exists online. When selected and implemented appropriately, digital marketing can open new doors of opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises. By using digital channels enterprises can connect with their current and prospective customers more effectively, attract and convert more high-quality leads and observe a greater return on their investments. The case company, Verkotan, is an Oulu based startup company that specializes in testing and certification services for wireless industry. The assignment given from Verkotan was to propose a custom made digital marketing plan to promote its business online, increase sales and explore expansion possibility in Asian market. For the overall design and purpose of this research, the author followed a qualitative methodology. Two alternate data sources (primary data and secondary data) were collected for the research. Focus group discussions, interviews, direct observations and an email survey were carried out to collect primary data. A thorough literature review on published sources and digital sources was used as the important source of secondary data. LI QIAN DOWNLOAD