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Businesses are now operating amidst widespread disruption, which stems from changes in society and regulations, coupled with the threats and opportunities presented by the exponential advancement of technology. Against this backdrop, it is no longer viable to plan a single “one-shot” Digital Transformation. Rather, organizations must be able to constantly adapt at pace: seizing opportunities and neutralizing threats as they arise. They must also innovate extensively, not just to revolutionize the products and services they offer, but also to highly optimize their internal operations. The Digital Business Continuum is an approach to running an organization which enables this combination of rapid adaptation and extensive innovation. In this paper, we define a framework for the Digital Business Continuum and explain in detail what is needed in terms of purpose, resource allocation, leadership, governance, organization structure, and culture. We also explore how a company can ensure that it is outward facing: constantly sensing and searching for opportunities and threats. DOWNLOAD