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Is it important for B2B marketers to keep up with the Joneses? This idiom refers to the comparison of our neighbors’ accumulation of material goods as a benchmark for social class. We believe it is important to keep up, but we’re referring to the different set of benchmarks. When B2B marketers can compare benchmarks with their industry peers they get a better understanding of performance measurement and goal setting. After all, are you performing well at 125% ROI when the industry average is 300% ROI? How do marketers create goals without knowing what’s achievable? B2B marketers gain valuable insights with a clear understanding of industry performance benchmarks for paid media channels like AdWords. The 2017 AdWords Industry Benchmark Report, by Bizible and DWA, helps B2B marketers gain a perspective on this in the following ways: Understand what to expect in terms of cost per lead, cost per opportunity, revenue, and ROI Understand how much room there is to optimize the above-mentioned metrics This year we’ve made some interesting findings and are excited to share them with you. We hope that you’ll find this useful in thinking about your performance in AdWords in terms of important down-funnel metrics like opportunities, revenue, and ROI. DOWNLOAD