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The rapid growth of digital marketing has changed the way companies reach consumers. Powerful social media marketing, email campaign tools, and advanced ROI analytics are now available to anyone who wants to expand their brand. However, small businesses are far less likely to have the team and background necessary to fully utilize these marketing innovations. In response, a growing number of services has sprung up to target that niche, providing robust, easy-to-use solutions that cover a wide range of needs. Here are the top 5 tools we’ve found to rock your digital strategy in 2018. Canva makes graphic design easy by providing thousands of ready-made, professional-quality templates for users to work from. Every template is highly customizable, letting users change the font and colors to suit their preferences. Canva also supplies an extensive library of photos and clip art, and even allows users to import their own images for easy branding. This makes the service ideal for social media marketing, content branding, and press releases. Additionally, while already boasting a user-friendly layout, Canva provides a huge library of tutorials for the platform. The free version of the Canva shows off many of its best features but is severely limited. However, for only $12.95/month, businesses can enjoy the service’s full capabilities, including team functionalities, user-created templates, and the ability to upload custom fonts for better branding. For companies who want strong visuals for their social media campaigns, but can’t afford a graphic design department, Canva is by far the best choice. READ MORE