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The online advertising industry isn’t just booming. It’s perhaps never been more powerful or important than it is right now, according to a recent Forrester study. Indeed, by 2021, marketing budgets for advertisers in the United States will climb to a collective $120 billion per year a trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With ad networks like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple, online advertising is nothing if not malleable. But this malleability is at once its biggest strength and its greatest weakness. On the one hand, online advertisers can rely on huge volumes of data to make smarter and more informed decisions about what is or isn’t working for them. This gives advertisers a chance to reach out and make real, organic connections with their audience in faster and more efficient ways than print alone could ever offer. On the other hand, the world of online advertising is also always evolving: the industry as it exists today bears little resemblance to the one we knew even five years ago. CHAITANYA CHANDRASEKAR READ MORE