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A service business needs to be agile with digital marketing if it wants to succeed today. That being said, just because you can do many cool things with digital marketing doesn’t mean you should. The internet is the greatest and most efficient time-waster ever invented by humankind. With that caveat, a typical service business that provides intangibles, such as accounting, banking, consulting, cleaning, landscaping, education, insurance, treatment, and transportation services needs to take digital marketing seriously if it wants to grow. First, let’s be clear on terminology. Digital services marketing is the promotional outreach using digital technologies, mainly on the internet but also including mobile phones and any other digital medium. I recently had breakfast with digital marketing growth expert Lisa Apolinski. She is an Arizona-based international speaker, digital strategist and founder of 3 Dog Write Inc. She is considered a digital engagement thought leader, working in the industry for 20 years. Her focus is on the end user experience. And that’s where the marketing focus should be. HENRY DEVRIES READ MORE