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It is essential to optimize your Instagram if you want to successfully market your brand in the social media world. Instagram is saturated with businesses, brands, and influencers that are all vying for their audience’s attention. Even with great content and the best intentions, it’s hard to find success on Instagram. Keep reading to figure out what exactly your Instagram is missing. Your Instagram bio is the first look that Instagram users have into your brand. To make your profile stand out, your bio needs to have a succinct and sharp “about me”, as well as specific hashtags that speak to your niche, and a link to your website, store or blog. With only 150 characters, you need to find a way to engage and attract more followers with as few words as possible. In addition to the link at the end of your bio, you can add clickable links by using specific hashtags, as well as tagging other accounts. Use the “@” sign to link to related branded accounts. And by sharing your brand’s hashtag, you can encourage your audience to follow it or they can use it when posting their own content as a way to connect with your brand. AJ ADAMS READ MORE