. https://www.semrush.com/blog/want-authority-backlinks-strategies-create-link-worthy-content/
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As an SEO and content marketing professional, you already know that backlinks from relevant, high-authority sites are crucial for landing the top spots in Google Search results. The importance of quality backlinks is underscored by the findings of Ranking Factors 2.0, a study by SEMrush on Google ranking factors: The study found a direct relationship between search rankings and the number of referring domains, meaning a site that has more backlinks than its competitors is more likely to rank higher in search results: But getting links from high authority sites is difficult, and it won’t get any easier as Google’s ever-evolving search algorithms force site owners and webmasters to carefully consider linking to any website. So how are you supposed to get high-caliber backlinks when everyone is wary of outgoing links? By creating link-worthy content. Content that’s so useful, so comprehensive, so engaging, and so credible that other sites feel compelled to link to it. JAWAD KHAN READ MORE