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While most marketers are more focused on sales-related activities online such as running a PPC campaign and social media ads, many have already discounted the great value of using the same platforms to build their brand presence online. Because of the massive surge of new digital technologies over the past decade, the way consumer interacts with brands have also changed. Today, a simple flick on a smartphone could mean a hundred-dollar purchase from someone who is just casually browsing his social media profile, or on the opposite end, taint the reputation of a brand due to inappropriate online content. Depending on how you use it, the digital realm can bring your business to both success and failure. But one thing for sure: your business will slowly be buried in the competition if you fail to take advantage of it to establish a stronger brand presence today. To help you out, we will discuss in this post the step by step process that you should take in building your brand’s digital presence today. READ MORE