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It is usually folly to indulge in any form of crystal ball-gazing when it comes to the future of mass media and their relationships with the advertising world, but I have, for the past few months, been trying to arrive at what I think are some fairly logical conclusions. The first is that the sustainability of all media is directly relative to the quality of their content. A no-brainer I would say.  But just what is quality content? In my opinion, it is nothing less than concise and accurate information that consumers want. It also seems logical that revenue generation is not going to be as simple as "paywall or not to paywall". In order to encourage brand loyalty among consumers, the media will have to continue to provide free access to a certain amount of useful information. And then to charge users for in-depth information and interactivity. But these "charges" might well be absorbed by the advertising model I have outlined below. CHRIS MOERDYK READ MORE