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A website’s analytics discoverable via services such as Google Analytics can help in boosting marketing and other content, identifying website traffic origins, and knowing where to focus efforts that will give visitors the best possible experience. There is much to decipher in those metrics, so it’s important to understand the pieces. Put simply, this means the total number of times a website has been visited overall. For example, if one person visits a website four times, it will be recorded as four visits. This is the number of individual visitors to a website within a specified time period. If one person visits a website four times during that period, for instance, it will be recorded as one unique visitor. This denotes the total number of times a webpage has been viewed. Specifically, this represents when a visitor lands on the website and clicks through to view multiple pages. Each of these web pages viewed is categorized as a page view or impression. If the same page is viewed more than once by the same person, it will be counted multiple times. PHOTONICS READ MORE