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B2B decision makers no longer make decisions on their own. Even C-level buyers operate in an atmosphere of consensus and buy-in from multiple coworkers and influencers. Data-driven decision making is the norm, and B2B purchases are based on facts, input from peers, and a lot of online research. How in the world is your marketing going to make an impact when there are so many people on so many websites doing so much research to decide what to buy from whom? A big part of the answer is B2B online display advertising, which gives you a way to reach your target audience at all stages of a decision-making cycle. You can use your B2B display ads to increase awareness, generate leads, nurture them, and help them make a decision. You can reach businesspeople with ads while they are multitasking on social media sites. You can also measure your results at each stage of the marketing funnel and attribute your advertising to advancing prospects through each step of a decision. You can fine-tune your message along the way. DOWNLOAD