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Facebook is probably the most neglected online advertising channel of them all. How often do you hear things like: “Facebook has been dead since everybody’s parents started using it.” “Instagram has 10x the engagement rate!” “Email crushes Facebook.” Yeah yeah, we get it, Facebook is lame. Not only do they have the biggest user base, with over 2 billion monthly active users, but they also seem to make plenty of money with their advertising system. I think there’s a whole bunch of hypocrites out there. If one out of every $10 in advertising is spent on Facebook ads, how come everybody shuns the platform, except for a few? You know what I think? I think every business tries Facebook ads, fails at it and then blames the platform. People just suck at making Facebook ads work for them.  They don’t truly understand their target audience, so they place ads in the news feed of the wrong people, etc. Today, I’ll help you out with that. DOWNLOAD