. https://financialreport24.com/1977/blockchain-world-changing-technology-in-advertising/
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Frauds in advertising can be efficiently avoided using the blockchain technology.  Companies who are paying are doing so to engage their prospective customers at least for a few minutes.  They pay for the engaged minutes; however, there are tales of false engagements in the advertising industry. False engagement is projected to advertisers by advertising companies. Much needed transparency is lacking in the advertising industry.  The audience was finding companies with services and products using keywords.  With the passing of time and improved knowledge about the online world, consumers were becoming very calculative. Keyword hits are being manipulated fraudulently. Companies are willing to pay for clicks, but they are looking to earn legitimate clicks.  At present, transparency is not sufficient in this industry. Advertisers do not have a clear idea as to what is happening on their websites. They are being forced to believe what they are being told. READ MORE