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In our industry, the end of the year is a time for R&R, not rest and relaxation (as the digital ad ecosystem never sleeps), but reflection and resolutions. It's a time to evaluate and digest our successes as well as our shortcomings, allowing us to set a new direction as we continue to evolve, iterate, and innovate in the new year. By and large, I'd say my resolutions are likely no different than any other CEO's, inside or outside of our industry. I'm hoping we'll get faster, a bit leaner, and more robust; that we'll strengthen our relationships and learn more about our own identity. That said, resolutions are best kept when you've got a partner by your side, pushing you, both literally and figuratively, to go that extra mile. Which is why I'm hoping our partners and competitors across the industry will join me in the resolutions I've set out for 2019: Every now and then, I think we forget that our industry is still incredibly young. And though we're growing at a meteoric rate, I fear the fact that we're still getting our footing might keep us from innovating as quickly and efficiently as we could be. READ MORE