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Amazon Product Targeting Ads

Amazon Product Targeting Ads Campaigns - Amazon has recently rolled out a new PPC feature called Product Targeting which allows advertisers to target customers by ASIN. Although product targeting is still in beta, we've been testing all the new features in order to share real-time data in order to make the new Amazon PPC advertising techniques work for you and your brand. 1. I had an item that was made unavailable on Thursday and on the site it says "Item under review". I have reached out to Seller Support several times to find out why, as I received no communication. One person told me "Chronic Damage in Shipment". Item launched 11/1/18. Fragile home decor item. Amazon is shipping it in a big box with no air pillows or support. I asked in November if they could add paper or air pillows , "No" was the answer. I sent a note on Thursday afternoon with documentation that my product was inspected by US warehouse before going to Amazon with no damage, and how I have changed the packaging so it could withstand a 10ft drop test in its individual box on my next order. I also requested they look at adding air pillows when shipping. Any other tips on how I should proceed? I haven't received any communication except, we're working on it and will respond when we can.